NDP – Jack Layton to introduce Prorogation Bill – January 21, 2010

Jack Layton doesn’t like taking breaks from parliament.   The man likes a fight and is upset with Stephen Harper taking his ball and going home twice.

He’s suggesting that the NDP will create a bill that will require a PM to have a vote of support from Parliament to be able to prorogue.

I like the idea.  It makes sense and hold politicians responsible for their actions or in this case lack of actions.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has seen his and his party’s numbers slide in the polls since taking a recalibration break.

What do you think Canada?  Is this a good idea?   Which party are you more likely to vote for in the next Federal election?

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  1. One for democracy. Good for Jack.

  2. If Jack is so smart then why isn’t he running the country?
    Jack always comes up with solutions AFTER the horse has bolted from the barn!

  3. I pay taxes, and I want my Prime Minister to work! Get back to work Harper, you have a country to run!

  4. Maybe Jack isn’t running the country because there aren’t enough smart Canadians backing him.
    Did Jack call for an extended Olympics vacation and wipe the House of Commons of pressing bills, namely the “democratic” hand over of prisoners for torture?

  5. Jack would only hand them over if he got paid overtime…

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