OPTING OUT – Hope Not Lost for Medical Arts Glen Stor Lodge Contract – Cornwall Ontario – January 23, 2010

I’m a huge believer in “Spend Locally, Shop Locally, Advertise Locally” and really think that it’s important to keep the dollars in our community where we can.  It’s not always possible, but I try and always encourage others to as well.

Recently, after many years, local pharmacy chain Medical Arts lost the contract to supply medication for the Glen Stor Lodge.    Three of Cornwall’s City Councilors sit on the committee for Glen Stor Lodge.   Glen Grant, Kim Baird, and Syd Gardiner.    Even though Glen Grant seconded the original motion that led to Medical Arts losing the contract he’s changed his stance.

He suggested that the committee was not fully informed of all relative information before making the vote that led to Medical Arts losing the contract and that he wasn’t entirely happy with the process.

Apparently this Monday night at Cornwall Ontario City Council the new provider; from outside of Cornwall, will be given 90 days notice of termination of the contract and a new RFP process will be initiated.

I caught up briefly with Councilor Grant and he answered a few questions.

A lot has been going on behind the scenes as the public has shared their unhappiness and confusion over the process the led to the contract leaving Medical Arts.      He couldn’t share much before the Monday night council meeting, but it looks like it should be a lively debate and the results could potentially lead to Medical Arts getting the contract back.

“I actually sat down and read act (created in 2007) and think I have a better understanding of the situation” he said as he suggested that the rfp process needed to be revisited and more transparent.  He also thought some of the criteria needed to be clarified for the company’s applying.  Our Kudos to Cornwall City Councilor Glen Grant on this issue!

Monday night city council should be an interesting one to watch.

What do you think Cornwall?  Should Medical Arts get the contract back or another shot at winning it?

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  1. Good for Glen.
    Next time, read the documents before making a blind decision.

  2. It’s about time that someone woke up!

  3. We have a few different pharmacies in Cornwall and I think it is only fair that all of them have the opportunity to bid on the contract when it comes up for renewal. All of them should be eligible to submit a request to provide the services and product required for named establishment based on the guidelines required by the city. I do not know all the issues concerning Medical Arts Pharmacy being relieved of this contract. My personal experience with Medical Arts is that they are a professional, courteous, community minded service provider to our community.

  4. Jacqueline, well said.
    Too often there is a political agenda albeit honourable or dishonourable.

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