Cafe Connectionz Open Mic Night – Friday January 29, 2010 – Keegan Larose Jason Setnyk Cody Zulinksi – Cornwall Ontario

It’s that time of the month people.   Café Connectionz hosts their Friday Night Open Mic night the last Friday of each month.

This month features Keegan Larose and friends Jason Setnyk, Cody Zulinski, and Tricia Lee Robinson.   FACEBOOK PAGE

Open Mic is free to the public, but buy some bevvy’s and yummies so that the cafe can keep this event growing!  Show them some love back for offering this gorgeous venue to the music community!

All ages are welcome too.   Try the decadent Chocolate Biscotti!

For more info about Cafe Connectionz and open mic:

Café Connectionz is located at 407 Water Street in Cornwall Ontario


  1. Hello there,

    I’d like to thank you for writing about this in the Cornwall Free News. I’ve noticed I’ve been mentioned a few times in here. Thanks for that. It’s really great. I like to know what’s going on with music in Cornwall and the area. Keep it up.

    Keegan Larose

  2. Author

    Hi Keegan,

    We’re still looking for someone to cover the music scene here in Cornwall. We’d like to do a better job of covering the scene and we expect a lot of musicians to join Art Court.

    We’re always happy to promote events whether they be for charity or to promote local music. People can email us at or reach us at our hotline during business hours at 613.361.1755

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