Cornwall City Council Dogged by Dog Park Team Wanting “Dog Port” Within City – January 26, 2010

The good news is that things are inching forward.  The bad news is that it looks like it’s going to take more time to get a dog Park within the city limits of Cornwall Ontario off the ground.

Bob Sloan along with his wife Ada, Rodney Vander Veer, and Tyler and Alex McPhee , watched on as council outlined the results so far from their conversations with the city.

The group suggested a list eventually comprised of nine locations, but none seemed to fit the bill.    Lucky for them Cornwall City Councilor Glen G Grant loves dogs too.    He’s still grieving over the loss of his beloved “Toby” an eleven year old Maltese that passed away a few years ago.

The new location the group is looking at is on the water and is federally owned land with some potential pollution concerns that could limit its use without costly remediation for human use, but could suit perfectly for a “Dog Port” and add a lovely facility which would attract people from miles to let their pooches out for a run in a scenic waterfront locale.

The group hopes that Councilor Grant will enlist the help of the local MP as the lands belong to the Federal government and the MP’s office could help expedite the process.    The group’s frustration leaked a bit.   “If Morrisburg can have an off leash park why can’t Cornwall?”    They also wanted to remind people that it’s that time of the year to by your city dog licenses.

Mr. Sloan and his group stressed that they feel it’s important to have their first park within the city limits.  It was leaked at council that the city is considering making four parks in Cornwall dog friendly and that people will legally be able to walk their dogs on leash.

What do you think Cornwall Ontario?   Let us know and vote in our poll.   It’s your chance to send City Council a very LOUD message!

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