Cornwall Ontario Falls Back to Number Two in Monopoly Canada Contest – January 26, 2010

UPDATE – We’re back in Number 1 as of 8:30 AM Tuesday January 26 – Keep up the Good Work Cornwall!

What is with you slackers?!   We’ve fallen to number two again!    If we have to post everyday we will.   Get your backsides in gear and get out and nominate Cornwall Ontario so that we can claim our spot on the Monopoly Canada board!

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the imaginary people in your head, but get out and vote, vote, vote!

Remember you get to vote once per day per email address.    You need to vote each and every day and help Cornwall Ontario finish number one!

If you need extra internet access to vote the Cornwall Public Library has access as well as area internet cafes Island Inkjet at 256 Pitt Street and Cafe Connectionz 407 Water Street east.    They are offering free internet access to cast your nominations for our city.

please visit our sponsors and vote vote vote!

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