Who Will Stay, Who Will Go?: School Board Talks About Possible Closures by Markus Noé – Cornwall Ontario – January 28, 2010

Who Will Stay, Who Will Go?: School Board Talks About Possible Closures by Markus Noé

Cornwall Ontario – Last night the Upper Canada School Board held its final community meeting at Cornwall Collegiate & Vocational School (C.C.V.S). This was an opportunity for parents and community members to get together and look over the two proposals recommended by the Boundary 2020 review board.

The proposals which are simply referred too as proposals A and B are very similar to one another. The main difference being that proposal A recommends that the number of high schools in the Cornwall area will reduce from three to one. In proposal B the recommendation is that two high schools will remain, both of which will support grades 7-12.

When reviewing the proposals it appears that General Vanier Intermediate and St. Lawrence Intermediate schools will be will be shutting their doors, as both proposals read “St. Lawrence intermediate/Secondary School and the UCDSB portion of General Vanier Second School would close, pending ministry funding.” However when David Coombs Superintendant of School Effectiveness was asked about the closures he was quick to point out that nothing is yet set in stone when he said, “keep in mind that these are draft proposals which are subject to review and final approval by the trustees in May.”

When asked if there was any concerns about having a group of students together who’s ages range from 12-18 in the same building Coombs said, “With respect to the 7 – 12 issue, the bulk of the feedback has centered around the options of 1 or 2 schools, not the configuration itself.”

For more information about the Boundary 2020 project you can go to the Upper Canada School Board website at www.ucdsb.on.ca. Both proposals in their entirety can be viewed from this site.


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