Art Court Profile for Artist Jacqueline Milner – January 30, 2010

Jacqueline Milner; Eastern Ontario Visual Artist, Photographer and Environmentalist has enjoyed the art of image making since childhood. Jacquie loves the human form, our precious landscapes and each and every living form that shares this planet with us.

“I’m always on the look out for that ‘special something’, a shared moment, a content smile, a long shadow at the end of the day, raindrops on the tender petals of a poppy, a touch, a look that screams I love you. On the look out for an image that demands a second and third look, like the roots of a hundred year old tree being ripped from the life giving earth.”

Milner often uses the black and white image to capture her subjects.  “The absence of colour creates the need for the viewer to focus more on the subject rather than being distracted by the emotional pull of colour. That being said, it is the subject or client which dictates the use or lack of colour.”

Over the last eight years Jacqueline has expanded her image making to include canvas, acrylic paint, bone, flowers, paper, pastels and other media which seems appropriate in creating the image at hand.  Milner’s passion for our planet, especially our trees is a subject often depicted in her original art work.

Jacquie currently creates imagery for clients through her home based business Image-ine Photography and continues to create personal images which embody her personal ideology.  Samples of her work and contact information are available through

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