City Council Wants Action on Bridge Issue – Supports Mark MacDonald’s motion – by Markus Noé – Cornwall Ontario – February 1, 2010

City Council Wants Action on Bridge Issue

Cornwall Ontario – During last week’s city council meeting, Councilor Mark MacDonald sought the council’s approval for a motion he put forth.

This motion asked council and the Mayor of Cornwall to become more politically involved with the bridge issue.

The MacDonald request was approved unanimously by council.

Andre Rivette who seconded this motion was asked why he thought council needed to take action and he said, “I seconded the motion because I thought it was needed to make sure the new Minister was aware that the City of Cornwall wants this file dealt with ASAP, and to give the Mayor the backing needed when he speaks to the Minister. It sends the Minister a clear message that the Mayor has full support from his Council.”

Councilor Bernadette Clement was asked why she voted in favor of MacDonald’s request, she said, “I was fully supportive of the City Council motion to communicate with the new Minister of Public Safety. The Mayor and Council of the City of Cornwall are concerned about the long-term impact of the border issue on this community and have been actively encouraging all parties to move toward a resolution as soon as possible. There was also a call for mediation to help the process.”

Clement believes that a new Public Safety Minister could helpful in resolving this issue when she said, “The presence of a new Minister is an opportunity for this community. I do hope that Minister Toews will bring a more effective approach to the situation and that he will soon respond to calls for interviews and meetings. We need to hear from him.”

MacDonald believes the bridge issue is a major setback for Cornwall and believes the new Minister needs to take action when he said, “I think that unless the new minister gets “directly involved” the issue will drag on and on.  As far as I know the money is the bank for the new low level bridge, and this issue stands in the way.  The new low level bridge will dramatically change Cornwall.”

Macdonald has already come up with a back up plan if the conservatives keep up their trend of silence on this issue. He outlines this when he said, “The next step, if we are ignored on this motion, is to call our MP in front of Council.  We have to keep political pressure on the federal government to resolve this issue.”

What do you think Cornwall Ontario?

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  1. Har, har, har! What makes you think that Guy Lauzon would show up at a Council meeting?

  2. Yes, Mr. Lauzon does have a history of ignoring the concerns of his constituents.

  3. Mr. Lauzon doesn’t feel the need to go…he’s not a small business owner trying to make a living in a town that has seen most of it’s industry go away

  4. King Harper has a muzzle o Guy. I don’t believe the conservatives will win the next election. If Guy was smart, he would speak out for the people of Cornwall, thus, ensuring he would be re-elected and, salvage his pension.

  5. Unfortunately, he’ll probably get his pension before the next election. Not that he cares though, according to what he said in the SF. (yeah right)

  6. Call in Guy? That is their plan to end this dispute?

  7. There is little political will because you and I are not demanding action. Maybe they have it right, make some roadblocks, stop a train, take over a city, oh wait those have been done already.
    We need a leader, a website and hundreds of angry people(no violence), one cause, one voice, one goal? That is a special interest group I could get involved with!

  8. Author

    Why not start it Eric? Someone has to?

  9. If Stephen is the King, then Guy is his Wit.
    I think the King is at his wit’s end with Guy.

  10. The City of Cornwall realizes they are in a recession and something needs to be done. Things are not moving along like they Once did, well maybe they are just not HERE. and Cornwall is losing out, not thanks to the federal gov’t.

    The Americans tried to TAX the tobacco coming out of VA it was immediately Struck down as it would have forced companies to cut JOBS inorder to keep the tobacco flowing.

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