What Prorogation?: Liberals Gaining in Polls by Refusing to Stop Working – By Markus Noé – Ottawa Ontario – February 5, 2010

What Prorogation?: Liberals Gaining in Polls by Refusing to Stop Working

Once again the Liberal’s wanted to demonstrate how they were still hard at work despite Parliament being prorogued. Liberal MP and Public Safety Critic Mark Holland organized a round table discussion yesterday focusing on community safety.

Crime prevention was the topic most discussed during this meeting. Even though there were conservative supporters among the crowd, it appeared that the idea of crime prevention rather than harsher punishments for offenders was the popular opinion.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff gave his thoughts on the topic after listening to the panel of experts that included past Chair of the National Crime Prevention Council of Canada Ross Hastings, and Dr. Jane Dickson-Gilmore, an expert on restorative justice

“I think what I hear today is a calling for leadership and balance,” said Ignatieff in his opening statement. Igantieff explained his frustration with the state of the justice system when he said, “Why is it that the criminal justice system is used as a last resort. When you walk through any of our prisons like I have, you see lots of people that don’t need to be there. There a lot of people who are victims of the holes in our justice system.”

Ignatieff ended by talking about how he is attacked on his crime prevention views by the opposition parties when he said, “I’m tired of being told I am weak on crime. They are using this as a wedge issue; we have to fight this stigma that gets attached to anyone who talks about lesser sentences and more social programs. I support tougher legislation on crime but also believe there needs to be a proper balance.”


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  1. Working? What a laugh! Do you see Michael Ignatieff wearing his hockey helmet? No? Then for sure he’s not working. Have you heard Iggy telling us what his plans are for Canada and how he could run the country better than the Conservatives. No, you haven’t, as he has no idea what to do. Dithers was bad but Iggy is icky. As concerns the Conservatives, just read your newspaper and you can see, on a daily basis, where they are working. They achieve more in a day than Iggy and his Fiberals do in a month.
    They are going to be asked to give up their March Break in order to makeup the time they’ve lost during proroguation, do you think they will?

  2. It’s a mistake by Harper to allow Ignatieff to look especially responsible and Prime Ministerial. Clearly most people do not believe the reasons the Conservatives put forth for proroguing parliament and as the Liberal hearings proceed day after day, Ignatieff is shown more and more in a leadership role. Worst of all for the Conservatives is that there is no one there to contradict Ignatieff so he’s essentially given a free ride while answering questions. Best to put some Conservatives on that panel to show that someone cares. Of course, the reserved empty seats which show up nightly on the news have been designed to continue to embarrass the Conservatives and it’s working. You need only look at the drops in the Polls to see this. At the same time the other parties have not picked up substantial gains, only the Liberals.

  3. I cannot believe Iggy is going to be bringing up abortion again…

  4. Say what?….Abortion? Hockey helmets? Are you guys reading the same article I am? All I read is a story about the opposition parties trying to do their job after the Conservatives told them to go home, you are not needed or wanted.

  5. Ignatieff is actually rolling out his platform while the Tories are languishing in a self imposed communications dungeon called prorogation. Ignatieff is able to get his message out without inane but often effective nay saying and jeers from the Tory attack machine. Maybe they decided to go on Holidays along with the Harper government. Ignatieff has so far launched policy and future platforms on job creation, woman’s rights, agriculture, environment, foriegn policy, etc., This is enabling him to address his biggest mistake as leader which was to threaten election without a solid reason or plan to support the move. He is putting some meat on the bones of the idea of having a viable alternative to Harper, who just made the same mistake- taking an action like prorogation without reason or justification for the change beyond partisn posturing.
    Ofcourse there are public criticisms of some of Ignatieff’s statements such as saying he is out of touch on abortion because he wants to make safe abortions more available in the third world. The fact is that woman are dying from bad practices and will for a long time so saying that to just deal with root cause poverty issues is the only option is just playing a one sided game. For policy to be real and practical you have to include all of the solutions-short and long term. So far all I have heard is pro-life rhetoric come against Ignatieff who is starting to show some real leadership courage .

  6. If someone kills a pregnant lady he is charged with both the woman’s murder aswell as the baby, why shoudl be any different for an abortion? if a mother was stabbed in her stomach on the way to the abortion clinic would that still be murder even though she was about to “kill” it is 20 mins? canada is a land of morons, free drugs and welfare for those who just dont care enough to get off their asses, homosexuality devaluing human life in perfect time for population control, pedophiles raping their kids for a 3 month prison stint, this place is so lost, i am not surprised at all that we are loosing voting majority to refugee’s and immigrants, atleast their moral compase is not completly mental. when canada puts shariah on the table i will cheer, while your women are caned and your children treated as slaves i wil be cheering! God bless you all!

  7. Shariah? You must be a whack-job! Any race of people who think it’s okay to blow themselves up, to kill family members for honour, to kill as many people around them as they choose, to cane and stone-to-death women, and treat children as slaves certainly has something more than just an unbalanced moral compass. Cheer on Angelo and may Allah be with you.

  8. “atleast their moral compase is not completly mental. when canada puts shariah on the table i will cheer, while your women are caned and your children treated as slaves i wil be cheering! God bless you all!”
    Angelo, could you please clarify for me what you mean? Are you saying that you are a follower Shariah law and that you can’t wait and will take great pleasure in beating our women and enslaving our children?
    WOW! Just “wow” is all I can say. WOW!!

  9. Angelo, theres a bridge that begins at the Brookdale circle going to the USA, feel free to leave anytime. Go try to pull that Shariah crap down there.

  10. Angelo is right about one thing…we live in a land of morons, and perhaps he leads the way. Congrats on what is probably the craziest post I have read to date. “Homosexuality devaluing life in perfect time for population control”? What does that mean? “Losing majority voting to refugee’s and immigrant’s” What planet are you from? I think you need some councilling. You seem like an angry, mixed up person. Perhaps some “free drugs” might help?

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