SD&SG Federal NDP Candidate Darlene Jalbert on Leader Jack Layton’s Prostate Cancer Scare – by Markus Noé Cornwall Ontario – February 7, 2010

Cornwall Ontario – The NDP party received some upsetting news Friday when their leader, Jack Layton, announced he was in a battle with prostate cancer.

For the past seven years Layton has been the charismatic leader of the NDP and is known to keep a very full schedule. Unfortunately, only one day after his announcement Layton has been forced to cut back his workload. Layton was only able to attended one out of two scheduled appearances  on Saturday.

Local NDP MP candidate, Darlene Jalbert was reached for comment on Layton’s announcement.  Jalbert began positively while talking about Layton’s battle with cancer,

“Jack Layton is a fighter.  He’s tackling this as he does any task,with all of his energy and focus.” 

Jalbert was also quick to point out her leaders faith in Canada’s health care system saying,

“All of his treatments will be in Canada.”

Jalbert stated as Layton himself did on Friday that he will continue to work effectively,

“His constituents and the Canadian public should know that this will not impede his ability to serve as either the Member of Parliament for Toronto-Danforth or as Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada.”

Even though Layton is in a potentially life threatening battle, there are some positives facts for him to draw from as Jalbert pointed out when she said,

“It’s a treatable form of prostate cancer. This is the same cancer his dad had and fought successfully. Also more than 25,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in Canada, most of whom are successfully treated.”

Party loyalties aside Jack Layton has been a very vocal and active member of parliament these past seven years. He has been both a strong leader to the NDP party and a valuable MP for his constituents in the Toronto-Danforth riding. Hopefully his recovery will be a speedy one, and will not take too much time away from his work.

Ms Jalbert will be at the NDP Riding Association Annual General Meeting this Tuesday, February 9, at the Navy Club in Cornwall Ontario.  Meeting time is 7PM.

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  1. Layton won’t take this new challenge lying prostrate.
    He’s overcome cancerous attacks in the past, from the Conservatives and Liberals.

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