Nikon D5000 Digital SLR Review Part 1- HD Video 24 Frames Per Second – 12.3 Mega Pixel – Full Swivel LCD – J Tec Audiotronics – Cornwall Ontario – February 11, 2010

We shoot a lot of photos and video clips here at The Cornwall Free News, and as we’re always trying to improve our viewers experience we’re looking at upgrading some of the Tools of Our Trade.

With that in mind we were fortunate enough to access a Nikon D 5000 SLR Digital camera with an impressive 18-105mm Lens.

12.3 Million Pixels packs in some super still images, but what’s really amazing about this camera is that we can shoot 24 frame per second HD video.   It’s simple for a lay person, yet has features that make a pro happy.

The swivel LCD makes getting into some tough positions to get those money shots a lot easier.  The battery life is insane.  I shot a session at our Cornwall City Council, plus a bunch of shots the next day and the battery still had juice in it.

I’m still going through the manual and feeling my way through the camera.   Our resident Photographer Jacqueline Milner (who has her own Nikon) is giving the camera its paces this week and I’ll be shooting some out door events with it this weekend.

I watched a NHL game this weekend and Alex Ovechkin cracked the goalie cam protective covering and sure enough, there was a Nikon.

So far I give this camera as high a rating as I can as it’s doing everything I try to do and putting out amazing quality.  We’ll be doing two more stories on this amazing little piece of technology.

You can find Nikon products here in Cornwall Ontario at J-Tec Audiotronic, locally owned by Rob & Rachel Poulin –  314 9th Street West (613.936.0611) and if they don’t have the Nikon product in stock they can order the full line for you.

In addition to the Nikon line they carry Home & Car Audio – Computers – Home Theatre – and just about every electronic thing under the sun!   Sales Supervisor Andre Piette is usually around to take care of you along with the rest of the J Tec Audiotronic team.


  1. Give us a price – my wife would love it – and I bet all the Nikon lenses she has would fit it.

  2. Author

    Hi Bez,

    Prices vary, but if you’re in Cornwall Ontario or its vicinity drop by J Ted Audiotronics and I’m sure they can take good care of you. The package we have with the 18-105mm lens should be under $1200.00 before taxes.

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