Colonel Russell Williams Was Friends with Paul Bernardo – Birds of a Feather? Cornwall Ontario – February 12, 2010

Media relevations hit today that alleged serial rapist and murderer Colonel Russell Williams was a close friend of convicted serial rapist and murderer Paul Bernardo.


Colonel Russell Williams and Paul Bernardo were “pals” when they attended the University of Toronto in the 1980s.

They both studied economics at the Military Trail campus in east-end Toronto and graduated together in 1987.

Unidentified police sources tell the newspaper the two “partied” together and that their relationship is now under scrutiny by police.

In what is turning out to be a movie in the making questions are pouring in as Colonel Williams past is starting to be scrutinized by law enforcement officials around Canada and in other parts of the world.

I was questioning a US official yesterday about this case and potential ramifications and they stated that an arrest of this nature is usually not made unless there is a very strong case.    He also stated that in the US Colonel Williams would be arrested by Military Police and charged in the military system.  If convicted in the military system he would most likely be given the maximum penalty of the death sentence which has less appeal options than in the public court system.

Other reports have Colonel Williams leading police to one of the victims remains.

Col. Russell Williams gave a statement to police in which he allegedly directed investigators to where they could find evidence, including hidden keepsakes, inside his Westboro home.

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  1. Boys who have everything always want more.

  2. Why waste time with trials? He has confessed to everything! In the military they shoot people like this! What do you want to bet that they are going to go easy on him? What a waste of taxpayers money!!!

  3. Wow, now what about those 2 people that were convicted, tossed in jail, only to be let go after, and now the government doesn’t want to make proper on their wrongful convictions. If Williams had anything to do with Paul Bernardo, then they should really investigate if Williams was the one that was really responsible for the murders they were ultimately put in jail for. And if it is found that he was guilty of that. The government should really step up to the plate and make restitution to these 2 people.

    As for military courtmarshals, if he is in the military, let the military handle it. In the normal courts, this would cost no doubt hundreds and thousands to millions for his defense. All of which comes out of taxpayer money. A 10 dollar bullet from the military sounds much more effective to the taxpayers.

  4. Let the military handle this guy. He will not watch television, play video games, read books and get thousands of letters from women that want to marry him the way that the sicko Bernardo does. Don’t waste taxpayers money defending him, just hang him!!!

  5. This is a wake up call to the naive…. if this man can put on such a facade that he becomes one of the highest commanders of our elite airforce….. than everyone is under scrutiny…. and there needs to be things in place in all levels of power that find these sorts of psycho paths. My gut says there were numerous complaints about this man over the years that were swept under the rug… all you men in the military who hid this creep should be charged as well. You know who you are…. I hope you think about what you have done for the rest of your life… many innocent women, mothers, daughters, grandaughters, friends, aunts, nieces are dead because of you all!

  6. grimalot, A court martial is the way to go with this monster. When he is sentenced, I will donate the bullet.

  7. You sure you can afford to do that with this new HST kicking in on us all willie? 😉

  8. If anyone has went through the process of obtaining Secret clearance, they know that DND must have had some information on Russell Williams past, that should have lead them to question his sanity. I think DND should answer some of these questions and explain how we can have a murderer as part of our national security.

  9. Author

    Why is that Cathy? What info would reveal his sanity if it wasn’t on the surface or if you had multiple personalities? Are you a clinician to make such a statement? Colonel Williams may turn out to be an utter monster. Hopefully he’ll be studied to help prevent such personalities from reaching where he did professionally.

  10. Harper will prorogue parliament again so the DND won’t have to answer this time…. I wonder if Williams was ever stationed in Afghanistan…

  11. The military doesn’t need another black eye. They better deal with this fast. First covering up torture of prisoners and now this. Makes you proud doesn’t it?

  12. If only you people knew !! If Russell get a Military Court Martial which he will likely have to go through anyway but the court Martial maximum punishment is 2 years minus 1 day. Then the remaining of the punishment have to be serve in the federal systeme. That said, it is very unlikely that he will ever see and touch the freshly cut grass. He will like some others get the maximal penality which is 25 years without chance for parole. (That’s Life in Canada). The death penality that some of you are refering is not possible in Canadian Judiciary systeme likely because the same sniveling wimps that write on these column decided one day that such penality was too cruel. So now live with it !! You don’t like it Oh Well !! May I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand the post.

  13. Bravo JTF4-OPS-D1, you tell it like it is!

  14. So long as forensics equipment can be tainted, pathologists can go rogue and witnesses can make mistakes we err on the side of caution. Innocent people go to the rope all the time. As for Russell yeah, I know, but…how about Steven Truscott, Norman Fox and Guy Paul Morin and other guys who would have gone to the noose only we found out they were innocent after ten years or so? We have to break the habit of putting innocent people in jail. Put Russell in the basement with Olson – say bye. In fact I think there is a whole group of people now who are getting folks out of prison based on DNA.

  15. I think they SHOULD look into Williams past. I’d bet my bottom dollar he’s killed before. Serial killlers begin in their late teens into their twenties, not in their forties. He’s travelled a lot. I think his actions need to be looked at closely.

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