Nicolo “Nick” Rizzuto pleads guilty to tax evasion – Montreal Quebec – February 13, 2010

Alleged Godfather of a Montreal Mafia family Nicolo “Nick” Rizzuto pled guilty to tax evasion in Montreal earlier this week.


“He is also grandfather of the recently slain Nick Rizzuto, who was gunned down in broad daylight in Montreal last December in what many observers called an underworld retaliation.

Nicolo Rizzuto is already on parole on separate gangsterism-related charges, to which he pleaded guilty last year and was handed a suspended sentence.”

So far there’s been no arrests made in the murder of his grandson and namesake Nick Rizzuto.

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  1. And since the Crown went for the heavy fine (over $200K) instead of jail time, it just goes to prove that there is a law for the rich (even if you are Mafiosi) and a law for the poor.

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