German Shepherd Pup Poisoned in Glen Walter Ontario – Boo – February 15, 2010

What a horrible and sad ending for Boo or Mr. Wiggles.  The pup apparently was poisoned while walking in Glen Walter.  What we received was that he ingested a rat poison used out doors that has no apparent antidote.

If you have any information regarding this case you can call our hotline 613.361.1755 or email us at –  We’d like to know if the poison was laid out by a home owner or the municipality?   Why are poisons like this being put out without any signage?

We have to try and prevent the sad waste of a beautiful animal and family companion from happening again, and of course this only reinforces the need for public spaces where people can walk their animals safely in the area.

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  1. Is there more to this story? Was the dog on a leash and the owner did not see the animal eating something?
    I do not want to make light of a death however, whatwould signage do for non readers?
    Another question raised was about the need for public spaces to walk dogs, please do not ask all taxpayers to pay for a place to be used only by one segment of the population. We may all pay for areans but they have a user fee as well.

  2. Author

    Hi Eric,

    I pay $60 per year for dog licenses. While not wishing the city to incur any extra fees I’d like certain green spaces to allow leashed access and if at no cost to the city as the proposed off leash dog park group advocates then a place to let them safely romp.

  3. Good for you Admin, you are one of the paying owners. Glen Walter is outside of Cornwall limits if my foggy memories of the bar there are correct, so the over 200,000 dollars brought in by license fees may not help them much. And wrestling your license fee away from general / operating budgets is an uphill battle. But there must be a piece of land available, a couple of signs and a garbage bin for this.
    I am all for a dog park away from where children play, but getting enviormentlists on board is tough. A concern for them is having more cars on the road.
    For the community, I hope a Police investigation is under way.

  4. Eric, surely you see the advantages to having a dog park. You speak about “one segment of the population” but remember this is the majority of the population who have dogs. The user fee for the dog parks is the fee demanded from us, by City Council, to be allowed to have a dog. Do you see cat owners paying any licence fee’s? For that matter do we have any bylaws saying that cats must be leashed at all times? No. So let the dogs have their parks and know that what you stepped-in didn’t come from a dog.

  5. Stan in my second comment I did say I am for dog parks. Looks like Ottawa has a fee for both cats and dogs, can Cornwall be far behind?

    Anyway, as the story is from Glen Walter, why not ask the city of Cornwall and township of South Glengarry to share costs and partition a strip near Greys creek?

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