Liberal MPP Jim Brownell Weighs in On Hospital Bed Cuts – Cornwall Ontario – February 18, 2010

Our MPP, Liberal Jim Brownell responds to questions about bed cuts locally here at the Cornwall Community Hospital.

It was very difficult to hear of the challenges at the Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH), although I knew that there would be challenges in the future. I even commented about such, during the recent announcement of the $5 million. It is my plan to work as hard as possible with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to bring about an understanding of the need to provide adequate base funding to support the necessary core programs at our outstanding regional hospital, the CCH. The Ministry has listened in the past, but we do realize, too, the economic situation we are in, here in the Province of Ontario.

It is my understanding that work is being done by the five hospitals in the Eastern Region of the Champlain LHIN, to tackle some of the challenges of delivery of service. Officials from the CCH, St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre, Winchester District Memorial Hospital, Glengarry Memorial Hospital and Hawkesbury Hospital are into a review of service delivery. Hopefully, this will make for a more transparent delivery of service, once the review is completed.

In the Legislature, yesterday, the Premier did allude to the fact that there would be supports for healthcare and hospitals, in the next budget. We have a Throne Speech and Budget coming up, soon, and healthcare, education, and economic development will continue to be the focus of the McGuinty government.

Jim Brownell MPP Stormont – Dundas – South Glengarry

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  1. Why can’t we just clean-house with that bunch of Fiberal misfits (not Jim Brownell) and elect a provincial government that WILL LISTEN TO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE THEY REPRESENT?
    We need to put Healthcare first-and-foremost as the No.1 PRIORITY for the population. No more bed closures nor hospital closures nor staff reductions. Ontario has the taxes to pay for everything very comfortably, and when everything has been covered then they could go on to No.2 Priority which might be……………
    Is the Minister listening? We’ll know if you are not and we’ll decide next election!

  2. “did allude to the fact that there would be supports for healthcare and hospitals” does not sound like a plan and we have been hearing things like this since the additional health tax. Can that be 6 years already?

    I see the city (not just Cornwall) expand or create programs and services but all we need are core services, ambulance, police, fire. roads, water,sewer. This is overly simplistic of course on a local level, but just provide the basics and get out of the other stuff that involve photo ops. Arbitrated salary settlements are not taxpayer friendly either.

  3. The Minister, thought the Champlain LHIN, just allocated an additional $5M more to the Cornwall Community Hospital. That is like a16% increase in one shot.

    Let’s be clear. No other hospital in the country (let alone the province) got a 16% increase.

    Time to put on your big boy pants Cornwall and make this bail out work!

  4. To Stan. GET REAL. The Ontario Liberal government is doing a fine job compared to the Conservatives who tore the province apart. Health care is a top priority along with education and others. Ontario does not have all that tax money that you talk about. The will have a deficit of $20 billion this year because of recession. Too many people want tax cuts and then expect their governments to supply all the services that they used to. We have to pay our way. What would you do Stan, if you lost one quarter of your annual income? Would you cut back or would you go deeper and deeper in debt. Be honest with yourself when you answer.

  5. I want my “Health Premium,” back now that they are not even pretending to deliver the services I never use anyway.

  6. Jim, that sounds like lip service to me. In the new budget, will there be another new health tax to pay high salaries to those appointed by your government to operate a hospital. So far, I don’t think Ms. Despatie could operate a corner store.

  7. Get Real says
    Have you been checking the Ontario government job over the last 2 years? I have at least once per week. Last year they changed a weekly update to daily and are posting more jobs weekly now. Many of the job titles makes me wonder if they are really needed.
    Even with one of the LHIN hospitals 2 weeks ago, I saw an ad for a French Languages Officer. The pay was 50,000 dollars per year which comes out of the operating budget. That would be a Nurse for about 10 months. No mater the party, priorities need to change.

    If I lost one quarter of my annual income, I could not reduce my costs through payroll, ( 4 people in house) but I would need to either replace that income, slow spending, put off repairs / holiday / shoes or a combination. Governments just raise tax.

    Don’t even start with how we afford to give Samsung 80 cents a KWH when each of us are currently paying about 6.

  8. “The Ministry has listened in the past, but we do realize, too, the economic situation we are in, here in the Province of Ontario.”

    Do you also realize that one of the contributing factors to the “economic situation” in the Province of Ontario is the misuse of taxpayer money by the Ontario Liberal Gov`t?

    “….disclosure could reasonably be expected to be injurious to the financial interests of the Government of Ontario, …”

    That`s money that should be going towards keeping Hospital beds open in Ontario.

    As you know MPP Cheri DiNovo had introduced a Private Member`s Bill to repeal this Liberal nonsense which is costing untold millions in Litigation costs alone.

    The little “holiday”(a.k.a Prorogation) that your Premier has decided to take effectively kills all Private Members` Bills.

    Thus the flushing of millions of dollars will continue until a new Private Bill is introduced after the “holiday” and passes 3 Readings or until the Premier of Ontario is held accountable by voters at Election time.

    If you truly care about the Cornwall Community Hospital or ANY hospital in Ontario for that matter you and your colleagues will start demanding that the Premier voluntarily repeal this Legislation that is costing lives due to closed Hospital beds.

    No excuses!

  9. Author

    Clay a government is a very large thing. It has tentacles like a……tentacled thing…which reach far and wide. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say they’d never vote for a party again because of a single action or decision. That’s nuts. Could you imagine doing that as part of a family? Disagree with Mom and she’s not our mom anymore?

    There are good and bad in all governments; even nasty fascist Federal Conservative ones. Mainstream party’s can’t really make bold single step actions because then most likely they aren’t main stream any longer. Medicare was created because of a minority government having to cave in to the wishes of a smaller party.

    Politics here in Canada; at least those by the Harper government, seem to be taking game plans from US Neo Cons of the like of a Karl Rove or Dick Cheney. That scares the crap out of me. That’s facism at its worse because those kind of people really don’t care about what’s best for the country. They simply think about what’s best for them and their friends.

    We as Canadians, especially with the interest rate spike that may force thousands from their homes and potentially a depression, need to pull together. We need to work together, and we need to stamp out those that don’t have those goals. At least in my opinion.

    This country is far too amazing to be allowed to become chattel of the US.

    Now that was a tangent. I can tell you that I feel many times for politicians and right now as I type this I feel more for Jim Brownell than any other politician I’ve ever met.

    Example. Guy Lauzon, our MP, has visibly decided to be a party man and not speak out on the Bridge crisis or other issues impacting this riding because of it. He has not listened to the people. On our site even the Conservatives poll ahead yet he’s only got about a third of popular support?

    Even Conservatives in the riding who I’ve spoken too are not to vociferous in defending Mr. Lauzon when it comes to the Bridge issue.

    Mr. Brownell on the other hand has been a very brave man. At a recent public event regarding hospital cuts he showed up even though it was not a Liberal or controlled event. He didn’t show up with handlers either. He walked in bravely and took comments and questions that thinner skinned politicians would not. When I’ve asked him some tough questions as I’m a huge medicare advocate he’s answered them promptly and not copped out.

    Politics is a blood sport. I like to see the good guys (and girls) win. I like to see those that truly understand what “public service” means rewarded. We need more people like that in politics.

    Just my two very long cents 😉

  10. Oh I give Jim Brownell credit when credit is due and I have.

    It`s just unfortunate that he has to be a mouth piece for Dalton McGuinty.
    The man is a blatant Liar(McGuinty) and I can`t be thrown out of the Legislature for saying that.
    My message is not directed at Jim Brownell personally.
    I`m sure he`s a nice guy.
    But he needs to be more vocal on this issue because many of his constituents believe this Liberal crap that they`ve been spoon fed and they think this is justified.

    I try and hold all Politicians accountable regardless of Party affiliation.
    More people should try that.
    I would say the same thing if the NDP or Conservatives were responsible for this costly destructive fiasco.

    There`s a saying
    “Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves:

    With a multi billion dollar deficit there`s no excuse for wasting millions of dollars on Liberal lies.

    So being a good guy makes no difference here.
    Waste is waste more so when the waste is due to blatant lies.

    And let`s not forget about 5000 dead Ontario puppies and dogs so far due to those lies.
    We`re not just talking money here.

    We`re talking lives ruined,both Canine and Human.

    There`s a 75 year old Brampton Ontario Citizen named Maria Gaspar who is being hauled into Court due to these Liberal lies.

    I don`t imagine she cares if Jim Brownell is a good guy and he listens and he shows up for meetings to take flak when he doesn`t have to.

    Look at the big picture here and the impact those Liberal lies are having on law abiding Ontario Citizens.

    I happen to be a Liberal and I`m sickened by this Party because of this 1 piece of Legislation.
    Name 1 other piece of Legislation EVER by any Party that has caused so much death and destruction.

  11. Author

    Clay I can think of a few Mike Harris ones…..

  12. So that may somehow justify what the current Liberals are doing?
    I don`t think so.

    That`s what I meant about forgetting about Party affiliation.
    Hold them accountable when they`re in office and DON`T attempt to justify THEIR destructive Legislation by saying yeah but,,,,,,

    When this bunch get thrown out and I hope they do if they are still led by McGuinty,I would not attempt to justify destructive Legislation of the next Governing Party by referring back to the McGuinty Liberals and saying “Remember they were just as bad or worse”

    Bad costly destructive Legislation hurts all of us.The Party is irrelevant.
    Start holding them accountable.
    Politicians will NEVER straighten up if they think we will support them just because we`re Liberals or Conservatives or NDP supporters.

    That`s my point.

  13. Author

    So Clay who do you vote for in the next elections? I’m curious? Federally, Provincially? Civic if you live here in Cornwall?

  14. Name a piece of Harris Legislation that stripped “select” Canadian Citizens of the Right to the Presumption of Innocence.

    11. Any person charged with an offence has the right

    (d) to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal;

    I can`t think of any.

    Dalton McGuinty did just that with Bill 132.

    I don`t know about anyone else but I have a major problem with that as a Canadian Citizen.

    No Party or individual should count on my support just because they`re a nice guy or gal or I`m a card carrying member.
    They`ll earn my vote and I`ll hold them accountable.

  15. Author

    Now Clay are you playing coy with our loyal viewers? Who would you vote for or for which party whether provincially, federally, or in Cornwall if you reside here? It’s easy to toss darts and blame, but what are Clay’s solutions?

  16. It is so easy to complain and most of us enjoy doing it. The typical over the fence discussion usually ends up with someone saying that they are all crooks or that are all the same bad guys and gals. But there are deep differences between parties. The Conservatives in Ottawa, have deep roots that tell them that government has no role in society. The Liberals have a more balanced approach, and try to provide for the needy and support broad programs like medicare and ensure that the private sector can be profitable and create jobs. Look at the different parties in a broad way and not just look about one thing or one politician you don’t like.

  17. Oh I know I most certainly don’t look at just one politician that I don’t like. There are many that I don’t like. Most of them associated with one party. So I guess I know who I won’t be voting for. I want politicians that do for the people, not for the party!

  18. $4000.00 a month, and climbing, to incarcerate a criminal. A disables person receives $1000.00 a month. Just a comparison.

  19. Author

    Isn’t that totally insane? I guess to understand this better you’d have to see where that $4000 per month is going? What you’re not counting either is the cost via court and law enforcement to get that person into the $4000 per month situation.

    This country and our neighbors to the south one day will have to stop wasting huge swaths of money. I still say that if there was a guaranteed minimum income for all citizens of Canada we could do away with a multitude of programs that don’t help enough people properly and improve our local economy.

    I just don’t quite understand why more people don’t see that?

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