The Cornwall Free News reviews the Nikon D 5000 Digital SLR Camera – Resident Artist & Photographer Jacqueline Milner puts the Camera Through its paces – February 19, 2010

We had our in house photographer Jacqueline Milner give the Nikon D5000 we are having some fun with put the camera through its paces.

Given the D5000 to take for a test drive I first noticed the compactness and light weight of the camera body.

I was very excited to try out the new Vari-Angle monitor.  Now I am accustomed to using a viewfinder when composing my images and continued to do so when using the D5000 however this monitor does allow for special image taking circumstances which will press this monitor into service.  The monitor swings down 90 degrees and rotates 180 degrees, giving the photographer the option of previewing their image on screen from all sorts of interesting angles before pressing that shutter button.  Great for shooting, low angles, higher angles (such as in a crowd) and when you wish to shoot without being noticed.  This feature alone is worth considering this model should you be considering upgrading to a digital SLR from your present point and shoot model as many point and shoot models incorporate a fixed LCD screen which people often use to compose and take their images.

I really liked the Integrated Dust Reduction system for the image sensor, the Active D lighting function which is designed to capture the range of tones across a high contrast scene and greatly appreciated the manual option for creative control.  This model incorporates various automatic shooting modes and HD video.  With the 12.3 mega pixel image sensor, the D5000 has all the functionality necessary to serve the image needs of Journalists and Real Estate Agents alike.

To get a complete list of specifications for this Camera Model and the sister model the D3000, (which has most of the same functionality with a 10.2 mega pixel sensor) visit

You can find Nikon products here in Cornwall Ontario at J-Tec Audiotronic, locally owned by Rob & Rachel Poulin –  314 9th Street West (613.936.0611) and if they don’t have the Nikon product in stock they can order the full line for you.

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