Life Span in Cornwall Ontario Less than Ottawa? Local H1N1 Report Makes Claim – February 20, 2010

UPDATE  – We’ve updated this story as apparently the original quote in the original story may have been inaccurate.   We’ll try and arrange an interview with the Doctor to clarify the issue further.

A report in the Standard Free-Holder by David Nesseth suggests that Cornwall Ontario residents live seven less years than Ottawa residents.

“According to a 2007 Canadian Community Health Survey, the health unit’s catchment area has higher averages than the province for self-reported cases of anxiety, arthritis, asthma, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and high blood pressure, to name just a few.Local H1N1 hospitalization numbers, Roumeliotis said, were also well above the provincial average, with many locals, mostly youth, even winding up in Ottawa area hospitals.

Roumeliotis believes that social determinants of health play a large role in the local region’s health issues. He suggested literacy and education rates, as well as families’ financial status, can have long-term health effects on children from the area. “If you don’t have a good start, you’re going to end up with problems,” Roumeliotis said. “There is a seven year difference of life expectancy between here and Ottawa,” he told the council.”

This story we’ve linked to was in regard to H1N1 Virus and how much harder Cornwall has been hit than other communities in Ontario.   I would agree with Dr. Roumeliotis that education is a huge factor.   An example I’ve seen is fast food servers offering up bottled beverages by holding them at the top.   Any virus or bacteria on their hands is now on the drinking area of the container.     That’s just not a safe way to handle these items.

What do you think Cornwall?  Why is our life expectancy rate so allegedly low compared to Ottawa.   Do we not have enough medical services?  Is the quality of our services low?    Is it $20 per bag cigarettes?   What solutions do you suggest?

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