BREAKING NEWS – Chile ROCKED by Massive EARTHQUAKE – Massive compared to Haiti – 8.8 Quake has Tsunami Watch Reaches Pacific Ocean – Casualties mounting- Saturday February 27, 2010

A massive 8.8 earthquake has ravaged Chile.   The entire centre of the country has been declared a disaster zone.  The quake lasted almost two minutes and was felt away as 3,000 kilometres.

Over a dozen after shocks have been reported. Older buildings have taken the brunt of the damage, and there’s been lots of infrastructure damage as well.

The ENTIRE Pacific region has been put on Tsunami alert.   Even Hawaii is evacuating coastal residents.  Chile had a 9.5 magnitude earthquake in 1960 which killed over 1500 people.



We’ll be updating this story as it evolves.  If you’re in Chile or know anyone in Chile email your story/photo/video to

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