Canadian Woman’s Hockey Team Get Gold Medal for Canada and Partying – Editorial – February 27, 2010

At least they were drinking Canadian Beer 🙂

Congratulations to the Woman’s Hockey team for winning gold and making Canada proud.   I’m totally bewildered by all the news drama created by Girls being Girls.

Come on; they’re hockey players!    The stuff that I can’t print that I’ve witnessed, never mind the lore of old is a lot more hair raising that lying on the ice smoking a stogey and have a bevvy or two, or three….

But I digress.

I don’t think most people can emotionally fathom what it takes to start an adventure like trying to win a gold medal.  The focus, the discipline, and in the majority of cases the utter disappointment of failure.

To actually make it to the pinnacle; to climb to the top of the mountain and not pee in the wind of fate knowing that for the one brief moment of your life; in what may be the highest crest in your life; and not to live it to the fullest.

Is a waste.   Good for Team Canada’s Women’s Hockey team.  Moments can’t be bought.   Thank you for the moment you gave Canada and enjoy your own moment.

Jamie Gilcig – The Cornwall Free News

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  1. What a game and a push for equality. The post game celebrations would have gotten little coverage if the men had done it. Somehow the women are supposed to be little angels on a podium. They own the podium and they are real Canadians. Drinking beer after a game is part of being Canadian. .

  2. Thanks to all of the Canadians who attained, assisted or strived for a medal, the joy from those efforts are something we can all feel good about. I thought it was classy while the medals were being handed out to the silver and bronze teams, the stands although a sea of red, cheered with them.

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