When Large Corporations Become Petty – Editorial – February 27, 2010

We at The Cornwall Free News just celebrated our 1st Anniversary.   It’s something we’re all proud of because many people gave us little chance of making it to our first birthday, but people can surprise you and the response to our online newspaper was way beyond even our own expectations; not only locally here in Cornwall, but outside our city.

One thing we noticed was the hostility presented to us by some of our “competitors”.   I use that term because it’s what we’ve been called.    In my opinion media need to work together and pull together.   I know we’ve cooperated with several media outlets this year; and some of them with us.

In hockey there are players that take “dives”.   I hate those guys.  They have no place in the game.   Then there are others that just keep heading to the net; take the hits,  and keep going.

They usually are the ones that get the goals and raise the Stanley Cups.   Those are my kind of guys.     In our one year here in the scene we have received not a single word of comment from any of the media here in town.  Nothing; not a word.  We’ve had stories borrowed from; one I know of right out stolen; and have said nothing.

Our sales reps have been told by stores that some other media have suggested to them not to purchase online advertising and other such negative things.

Why am I sharing this with you; the public?  Well for one thing you’re part of our family.   The Cornwall Free News and Seawayradio.com are the only locally owned media in Cornwall.    I think that’s important.   We’ve played nicely in the sandbox this year.  We’ve focused on doing our best to bring you stories you want to view.

I don’t post on any area message boards or chat rooms without signing as myself.  I don’t use code names or pseudonyms as I feel if you work in the media you should always disclose that.  For over a year when I would post on the Standard Free Holder or Seaway News I would sign my missives “Jamie Gilcig – www.cornwallfreenews.com”

This was not “spamming” and there was never a hot link.   Nor have I solicited or asked anyone to come to our site when posting eleswhere.  As a matter of fact on this very site if you don’t see “admin” or my own name it’s not me either.

Recently there was an issue with a reporter at the Free Holder over a story I wrote that was attributed and excerpted to that writer.    After a few days that writer, David Nesseth, emailed stating that there was a wrong quote.   I asked what he’d like to us to do and we responded to his request.

The next day our account on the Free Holder was suspended.   I visited their office, but the editors and staff knew nothing of why my account was suspended.  Eventually I heard from someone in Kingston.

It was then suggested by one of the staff here in Cornwall that I post under another ID.

I won’t do that.   Today Mr. Nesseth wrote another story where he had interviewed Reg Coffey of Coffey’s Coffee.   Mr. Nesseth for some reason didn’t mention Mr. Coffey has a retail outlet right here in Cornwall; just down the road from the Free Holder’s office.

Again.   In hockey sometimes you have to “call out” someone.  Sometimes you have to drop the gloves even if you take a penalty.   Sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself.

BS only goes so far.      Personally we know that we sent more traffic to the Free Holder than any possibly that ever came to us.  We even had a link to their paper.   Personally I find much of this kind of Corporate nastiness quite distasteful, but  again, sometimes you have to stand up to big corporate bullies.

Today regrettably is  one of these days.    We love the media in this town.   We mention them freely; attribute to them whenever we like a piece they’ve done, and will always have an open door policy to our “competitors”.

This week we received a number of emails asking why we hadn’t posted on the Free Holder.   We held back discussing this giving them some time to resolve the issue or at least clarify it.

Until we however see a written apology from the Free Holder we will not be posting on their paper in any fashion nor send them any traffic.

Jamie Gilcig – www.cornwallfreenews.com

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  1. Happy birthday.
    I like your ethics as much as I enjoy reading and sharing ideas on this site.

    Best regards

  2. Author

    Thank you Eric. We try even during trying times.


  3. …and many happy returns!

  4. Standard-Freeholder has no ethics. Congrats on the 1st Anniversary of your reporting of the news ethically as it should be!

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