Letter to the Editor – John Milnes – Incompetence and Security – February 28, 2010

Dear Sir:

Prime Minister Harper, aided by Luc Lauzon and all the other anti-democracy Conservative Members of Parliament, determined to close down Parliament so they could play around, unimpeded by the opposition.  Everything fell nicely into place. The nightmare of Haiti was to provide a ready made grandstand opportunity and the security at our airports gave them one more.  Of course, Harper can take the plaudits for the Haiti situation, Parliament had no say – they were put out to grass whilst the Prime Minister was only put out to more photo-ops.  Is this where the Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry MP., Guy Lauzon, caught the photo-op bug from?  I wonder if anyone noticed the unhealthy shape of Stephen Harper as he wasted the time of people in Haiti with his photo.ops!  Must have made the many hungry people in Haiti very envious.

With the glory of Haiti loaded firmly into his pouch of achievements the Prime Minister again struck whilst the iron was hot.  Our anti-democratic politicians determined Canadians should do as the bungling American Homeland Security wanted them to do.  The American expectancy was that our airline security  should put very, very costly body search elements into the airport security package.  It mattered not, to the Prime Minister, these new measures would do little to enhance security.  He could not be challenged because he had closed down Parliament.  He spent our hard earned dollars on another time wasting and useless security activity when, behind the scenes, any airport worker could go through the security lines unchallenged after an initial clearance early in the day.  Such is the insecurity of our airport security almost anyone could plant an explosive device deep into any Canadian airport establishment then stand back and enjoy the fireworks.

It does not seem to matter to our Conservative Members of Parliament that the travelling public is grossly inconvenienced; forced to pay for ineffectual security, much to the delight of the terrorists and all to no advantage.  The Americans have decreed we must do this so Harper does it.  Next on the Conservative agenda is to break their word and bring in a new tax.  Guess what?  The new tax will come in under the guise of a security tax – for security measures NOT determined by Parliament, but by the Conservative anti-democracy goons.

One thing Canadians can content themselves with. Mr. Harper, the Conservative Prime Minister, has made sure that Noddy in Toyland is alive and well and perhaps working in a uniform at an airport near you.

John E. Milnes

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