Over $1000 Racked UP for Heart & Stroke Fund at Rack em Up Fundraiser! Cornwall Ontario – March 2, 2010 by Markus Noé

Billiards for Heart Tournament

This weekend wrapped up the Heart & Stroke foundation’s month long campaign for “heart month”.

For the past four weeks thousands of volunteers and event organizers have been hard at work raising as much money as possible for the foundation.

Clayton, Barb and Doug Disotell, owners and operators of Rack-Em Up Billards donated their services and pool hall this weekend in order to host a 9 ball tournament.

The tournament boasted a field of 24 players; some came from as far as Brockville to participate. The entry fee for this double elimination tournament was 50 dollars, a percentage of this was donated to the foundation and the rest was used to pay out the top six players.

The B side semi finals saw two of the best local players face off against one another, Jody Roy and Darwin Arquette.

Roy was cruising through the field until he met up with Brockville native Jeff Flemming. After a long and hard fought battle that saw both players get to the hill at 7-7, Flemming miraculously got out of a tough hook on the eight ball to win the match 8-7 putting Roy against Arquette. Roy once again was in a hill match but wasn’t able to capitalize on two mistakes and Arquette won 6-5.

Next up for Flemming was Joe whose last name is unknown. Everyone at the pool hall refers to him as Joe Brunswick, because he just recently moved to Cornwall from New Brunswick. Once again Flemming was in tough as Joe destroyed most of his opponents, that is until Flemming beat him 8-6. This put Joe in the B side finals against Arquette, who he already beat and did once again to force a rematch in the final.

The final was a race to 9, Flemming got off to a quick start gong up 8-3. With a combination of smart play and good rolls, Joe managed to tie it up 8-8, making it a nail biting final game. After Flemming once again couldn’t get out, Joe looked to be in the clear. Joe soft rolled the 9 ball up the rail towards the corner pocket and let out a yell in celebration as he thought he won the match and the tournament, but was devastated as it rattled in the jaws of the pocket. The crowd let out a sigh of grief and Flemming easily pocketed the 9 for the win.

The tournament brought in over a $1000 for the Heart & Stroke foundation. The top six players who were paid out are as follows:

  1. Jeff Flemming
  2. Joe “Brunswick”
  3. Darwin Arquette
  4. Jody Roy
    5/6. Clayton Disotell/Jay HallPhotos and Story by Markus Noé

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  1. I bet they raised enough to pay for all there high salaries. I am sure there area manager will spend the excess money to run the Cornwall office in outside of the city.

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