Terryland Farms Receives 2010 Producer of the Year Award for Agri-business excellence! – Ste. Eugene Ontario March 2, 2010

Local Farm Receives Top Producer Award in Toronto

Terryland Farms Receives 2010 Producer of the Year Award for Agri-business excellence!

Toronto, ON – George and Linda Heinzle of Terryland Farms were awarded the Producer of the Year Award at the opening night reception of the 2010 Canadian International Farm Show.  Heinzle’s received their award in the
presence of a crowd of farmers, exhibitors, and other industry stakeholders.

The Producer of the Year Award is an annual award provided by the Canadian International Farm Show which recognizes excellence in farm operations or any sort of agri-business.  Winners are considered to have contributed to
the betterment of the industry, demonstrating innovation and business practices that maximize productivity and profitability.

“We were extremely pleased with the high caliber nominations that were received for our 2010 Producer of the Year Award and winners definitely demonstrate agricultural innovation at its finest in the province of Ontario,” said show manager Rob Etmanski.  “It’s our hope that by singling out some of the best producers in the province, it will ultimately allow the leaders to encourage others with their innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in their farm practice and perhaps share their knowledge with the entire farming community.”

George and Linda farm 550 acres in St. Eugene, Ontario.  In 2007, Heinzle’s built an anaerobic digester to add value to their 150 dairy farm operation.  The methane gas produced from manure and locally acquired food processing
wastes is burned in a combustion engine powering a generator which feeds power to the grid, producing power for 100 homes. Heinzle’s have recently added a second generator to double their current electrical production.  For
their hydro production, Heinzle’s get paid $24,000 per month by Hydro One for their on-farm power production.  Not only does Heinzle’s biodigester make economic sense – the system plays its part for the environment by reducing pathogens by 98% and helps keep peace with the neighbours by reducing manure odours by 90%.

The Heinzles have also recently installed an oil pressing system that adds value to their farm-grown soybeans.  The Ontario-built Energrow press produces a freshly pelleted soybean meal while extracting value-added oil directly
on-farm.  George and Linda use the extracted oil for fuel on the farm as a mix with diesel fuel.  “What I like about the system is that I can feed my 250 cows fresh feed daily and my crops don’t go through so many hands,” says George Heinzle, “We are more self sufficient and less market dependent.”

To further this need for self sufficiency, Heinzle’s are planning to mount solar panels on their farm’s south-facing barn and buildings.  These panels will produce an additional 100kw, to power even more homes.   “Heinzle’s drive for self-sustainability and adapting new innovations sets a standard for other farmers” says Jasmin Hofer of Energrow Inc. who nominated Terryland Farms for the award. “Their readiness to move ahead for self sufficiency, while reducing environmental impacts is something to be recognized.”

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