Tim Hudak and the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario Has Annual Meeting in Ottawa – March 6, 2010

Ottawa ON – Tim Hudak and the Provincial Progressive Conservative party are holding meetings this weekend in Ottawa for their annual convention.


“Under Hudak’s leadership, the party has grown to 44,000 members from around 9,000, but McMaster University political scientist Peter Graefe said the party faces significant challenges.

A lack of voter outrage against the governing Liberals means Hudak needs to move beyond his base and express a modern conservative message, Graefe said. He added the PCs also risk becoming a rural party if they can’t reach out to urban voters.

“Obviously, we need to do better in the big cities,” federal Transport Minister John Baird said.

But Baird felt a more traditional conservative campaign message would resonate with middle-class voters. “When we run as Liberal-light we don’t tend to do well,” he said.”

Recently Mr. Hudak was here in Cornwall to meet n greet party faithful at a local restaurant for a party breakfast and then attend a session with local small businesses for consultations.

What do you think Cornwall and Ontario?  How will Mr. Hudak fare in the next Provincial election.  Who will you cast your vote for?  Feel free to post your comments below and vote in our poll.

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  1. did you know The statutory PST rate will be going up from 7.5% to 8.5% effective January 1, 2011.
    Most people do not know Now HST increases… middle class and poor people can really afford this??? Good platform for your election and I think people SHOULD KNOW NOW

  2. Huh, supportive facts and links please? Or were we about to be surprised like the scenario with the Eco Fees at the same time as the HST going up?

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