Desperate PQ Pauline Marois Suggests Liberal Premier Jean Charest Corrupt – Editorial – Cornwall Ontario – March 14, 2010

The PQ must be getting desperate.   The internet killed their vision of Separatism that she and some of her “Pure Laine” Separatists visioned, and now because the PQ has not evolved politically into this century with the rest of the population of Quebec they sit in the shadows lobbing grenades as they did in this recent article claiming “corruption” by Premier Jean Charest.


Marois zeroed in on the $75,000 a year Charest receives from his party on top of his $183,000 premier’s salary from the public purse. “The question all Quebec is asking is, ‘Who are you working for, Mr. Charest? For Quebecers who pay your salary as premier, or do you work for the friends of the Liberal Party who pay your other salary?’

Well Ms Marois who pays your salary? Who paid your salary during the years the PQ were in power?  Are you suggesting that the PQ never had any issues, benfactors, or groups that they served or listened to?  I would suggest the PQ governments that she was a member of were much more corrupt than what she’s slinging.

I know for example that Rita Dionne Marsolais had an under the table cash contractor from Ontario work on her redo of her mother’s house in TMR.   No building permit.  No licensed contractor.   No receipt as it was a cash deal, and of course no jobs for struggling Unionized Quebec workers.

No, attacks such as this are simply desperation moves.    Any of the issues Ms Marois complains about existed during the PQ years as well.

I would suggest to Ms Marois and her political cohorts that their time would probably be spent better focusing on solutions to improving the Province of Quebec like the Charest Government has instead of simply flicking monkey pooh from the sidelines.

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  1. Pauline Marois, you just need to do one thing, en anglais, “Shut Up!”

  2. What can you expect? Monkeys flick monkey pooh from the sidelines where they belong.

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