Should Conservative MP and Minister for Status of Women Helena Guergis Resign? We ask you Canada? Take our Poll – March 17, 2010

For those of you that watch or read the news here in Canada I’m sure you’re not a stranger to the travails of Conservative MP and Minister for the Status of Women Helena Guergis.

Besides her husbands charges for DUI and possession of Cocaine being sloughed off in court with only a $500 fine in spite of her government’s calls for “Tough On Crime” legislation the Minister for the Status of Women had a blow up in an airport at a woman who makes much less money than she and probably has to work a lot harder to get it.

While politics are a blood sport and many in the opposition have called for her resignation we thought we’d ask you, the Canadian public to post your thoughts….

Feel free to post your comments below and take our poll.

Should Conservative MP and Minister for the Status of Women Helena Guergis Resign?

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  1. I am not sure how to vote on this. Yes she arrived late and behaved badly to the very taxpayers she accepts money to work for. Yes, her husband has issues and Canada is waiting for an explantion.
    I would be happy with a sincere aplogy and nothing close happeneing again, but it does not look like her track record will swing that way.

  2. I think you have to look at this in perspective. She arrived at the airport after the normal mandated check-in time, but she was at the gate a full five minutes before the departure time of the aircraft and she was told that she couldn’t board the aircraft as she was late. What a crock! I’ve arrived late for a number of flights but the gate crew always got me on, even banging on the door of the plane to get me on!
    I can understand Guergis’ frustration at being told she couldn’t board. She is a Minister of State for the Status of Women and as such you’d think the gate crew would have acted appropriately and got her onto the plane. She could have been on and still the plane would have waited until it’s departure hour. This is a tempest in a teacup. If it were me, I’d have used stronger language thats for sure!

  3. While I don’t think her actions merit having to fully resign, perhaps someone else should be in the position of Minister for Status of Women. The only way I can see any of her husbands actions involved with her is if she managed to pull strings for him. Which is crossing the line.

  4. As a cabinet minister—as Minister of State for the Status of Women, no less—with high-level responsibilities, both to the public at large and to women in particular, she ought to have acted with dignity and restraint. Instead, she was violent and abusive. On that score alone, she should resign or be fired. If you add in the importance assigned to airport security since 9/11, can you imagine the outcome for any one of us if we lashed out as Ms. Guergis apparently did?

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