Bette Lynch to return to Coronation Street – Julie Goodyear comes back to the Rovers for their 50th Anniversary – March 18, 2010

Cornwall ON – Coronation Street, the longtime UK Sociological Drama or Soap Opera!  Is having its 50 Anniversary this season and they’re bringing back a lot of characters from the past.

Julie Goodyear who starred for 25 years as Bette Lynch is being brought back; possibly to take over the Rovers.  It should be interesting as other characters pop back including Kevin Kennedy (Curly Watts) and others.


In other Corrie News, Bev Callard (Liz MacDonald) is set to return after battling depression issues from the mess of her losing her real life pub.

The cause of the breakdown was the huge pressure that was placed on the popular actress after her Cheshire pub collapsed leaving Bev Callard in financial ruin. Owning the pub was Bev Callard dream and she put all of her life savings into the business but with the credit crunch and the smoking ban affecting trade, Bev and her partner Jon McEwan were left devastated when the business collapsed.

Corrie fans here in Canada of course are always a year behind almost so we’re just noticing that Bev hasn’t been on the show for awhile.

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  1. I miss Jim. If Liz was to get back with him and the both of them were to run the Rovers, can you imagine the chaos it would cause. This scenario would make for some good story lines, especially with Keiran coming back into it also.

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