Jesse James Cheats on Poor Oscar winning Sandra Bullock – Kate Winslet single after Divorce from Academy Award winning director Sam Mendes – Cornwall Ontario – March 18, 2010

Cornwall ON – Actress Sandra Bullock apparently has left her husband Jesse James over his alleged cheatin’ scandal with a really ugly ho with way too much plastic surgery.


“I asked him, ‘What’s going on with you and Sandra?’ He said, ‘She doesn’t live here. She has a house in Austin. She is filming, and I can’t talk about it,’” Michelle “Bombshell” McGee tells In Touch exclusively.”

Now that’s ugly.   Poor Sandy wins an Oscar and then gets whacked with this.   Her husband, Jesse James who had been married to a porn star before becoming Mrs. Bullock could not be reached for comment.

In other celeb break ups the classy and very hot Ms Kate Winslet is apparently to become single again after it was disclosed that she’s divorced from her Oscar Winning hubby, director Sam Mendes (American Beauty)


“Just two years after Revolutionary Road, their movie about a dissolving marriage, Oscar winners Kate Winslet and director Sam Mendes have found their own marriage over. The Hollywood power couple, married in 2003, reportedly split months ago, but their London law firm only released a statement March 15 announcing that they will divorce, saying the split is “entirely amicable and is by mutual agreement.”

Working together in Hollywood is tough and the biz is even harder on relationships.  Just look at the buzz going on from Johnny Depp shooting with Angelina Jolie currently.

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  1. I think Sandra Bullock really earned her Oscar. She is one of the best actresses ever.

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