Coronation Street Round Up – Ciaran leaving again – Bruce Jones into Rehab for boozing – Cornwall Ontario – March 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – Corrie’s Ciaran is leaving the UK Socialogical drama again to return to his band Boyzone.


Although the producers were keen for him to continue with the series, Keith, who plays the role of barman Ciaran McCarthy in the show, is not going to renew his contract that expires in November.

We here in Canada of course have yet to see him return to the cobbles so for you Keith Duffy fans enjoy his brief stint back on the show.

What is it with Corrie actors of late.  We had Bev Callard lose her marbles over the loss of her pub and now Bruce Jones (Les Battersby) has entered rehab for his long term boozing.


Shamed former Corrie star Bruce Jones broke down last night as he said: “I’ve turned into the real-life Les Battersby. I’m ashamed and embarrassed and I’m going into rehab.”

The 57-year-old actor spoke for the first time about the alcohol addiction that has cost him his job, his family and very nearly led to him taking his life.

He said: “Enough is enough. I’m an alcoholic, I’ve been an alcoholic for 20 years but I’ve been in denial. I’ve lost everything and it’s all down to the drink. I’m addicted to it, my life is one huge mess because of it.”

Perhaps they’re trying to clean Bruce up in time to get into the 50th anniversary Coronation Street Celebrations?

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