Health Care Reform is coming…. to the U.S.A – by Markus Noé – Cornwall Ontario – March 23, 2010

Health Care Reform is coming…. to the U.S.A

Cornwall ON – President Barack Obama has been plagued for over a year now by critic’s stating he has not done anything while in office. Today he was cured of this stigma by drastically improving health care in the United States of America.

For decades, millions of Americans have been living without adequate health care, which became an international topic a few years ago with Michael Moore’s award winning documentary“Sicko”.

“We are not a nation that does what’s easy … we are a nation that faces its challenges and faces its responsibilities,” said Barack Obama while being applauded during his opening statements. Throughout the next decade the government will be spending $938 billion dollars to guarantee that the 32 million people who currently have no coverage will be taken care of.

Not only will this bill reduce the U.S national dept by one trillion dollars, it also bans insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing health problems.

Today’s bill will be entirely in effect by 2014, with some of these provisions in effect this year.

One provision that will be in affect by the end of 2010 is that insurance companies will no longer be able to drop customers just because they get sick. Also, young adults will be able to stay on their parent’s health plan until the age of 26.

Obama’s yearlong fight to reform the health care system seemed to be over in January when a republican was voted in to replace the late Ted Kennedy, a long time supporter of health care reform. The President has made health care his main issue since taking office. If he would have been unable to pass this legislation it would have greatly weakened his government.

This war for health care reform will undoubtedly continue for the next few months and maybe years, for the meantime Obama and his democrats have won this battle. During his closing statements Obama said, “I am signing this bill of reform for my mother who battled with insurance companies till the end while fighting cancer.” For now, Obama has protected his people from going through what his mother had to.

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