Mayor Bob Kilger and Cornwall Ontario City Council Cut Property Taxes 4.16% in 2010 Operational Budget – March 26, 2010

Cornwall ON – Good news for residents of Cornwall Ontario.  Property taxes are coming down after the city’s $150 Million dollar budget was released.


“Mayor Bob Kilger said the drop in the tax rate will help to offset the property assessment increases that most homeowners have experienced. The mayor said the budget outcome is “quite remarkable” com-pared to some other communities in the area, and he thinks most residents will see it as an acceptable budget.”

The tax cut will be 4.1 percent which for many may or may not cover the increase in value of their homes as values have been shooting up in Cornwall.

The bottom line is kudos to Mayor Kilger and our City Council for cutting taxes instead of raising them; especially during a recession!

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“I think it’s a positive result for the ratepayers of our community,” he added.

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