I’m at a Political Crossroads. What should I do dear readers? EDITORIAL Jamie Gilcig – Cornwall Ontario – March 28, 2010

I’m at a Political Crossroads.  What should I do dear readers?  EDITORIAL  Jamie Gilcig – Cornwall Ontario – March 28, 2010

In my political life I’ve only voted three times.    It’s not that I’m apathetic.  It’s not that I don’t care.   It’s that to me when I vote for someone that means I not only endorse them, but they represent me.   I’ve supported a lot of candidates; worked for quite a few as well, but in the end I’ve only voted for 3.

There have only been a few politicians I’ve really liked, and when I use the word like I have to filter that by saying that I “like” ugly things that are imperfect but really functional and have a certain something.

Jean Chretien for example is a flawed man, but some of those flaws helped create the very things I most admired about him.     Even our current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper,  whose politics I find repulsive, I find a certain attraction to.

I think Gilles Duceppe could be Prime Minister of Canada if he gave up on Quebec Independence like most of the rest of that province as I think he at times is an electrifying politician.

Until 2009 I was a card holding Liberal federally.   I haven’t always, but have for the majority of my political life.   I have supported non-Liberal candidates because I’m issue centric as a voter.   If I feel for example that Medicare is the number one issue I will vote for the party I feel can best have the most positive impact on that issue.

That’s not an easy feat to figure out because clever politicians can say things that mean things that they don’t say.

Then there’s the situation where the party you want to support doesn’t have much chance of winning.  What to do then?

I don’t think Mr. Harper and the current incarnation of the Conservative Party even have a wish to save Medicare, and probably would like to privatize it right after killing the CBC.

The Liberals?  Well as much as I hate to say this I find that the civil war is still going on and frankly the difference between the current Liberal Party and the Conservatives is simply which shade of Vanilla you’re into on a given day.

That leaves us Federally with the NDP and the Green Party.    They both are intriguing options but do either of them have the ability to have any impact anytime soon?

For the Jack Layton led NDP to achieve the kind of numbers it would take would be some major mathematical political successes.    Thomas Mulcair would have to find a way to get 15 to 20 seats in Quebec and that my friends would be no easy feat as much as it makes sense.  As Mr. Mulcair put it, NDP politics are very much the things that Quebecers want without the all or nothing issue of Separation that the Bloc and Parti Quebecois have owned in the province.

The Greens while being a voice in the wilderness still have a ways to go although I do admire their goal of having a minimum income for all Canadians something I truly agree in.

I think what I’m looking for is a party that wants a strong Federal government; that protects medicare and embraces it as the spirit of what makes us Canadian, that respects peoples right of choice in life; respects business; especially small business; appreciates accountability, and maybe just maybe reinstate the death penalty for pension sucking swine like Clifford Olson.

Doesn’t exist and probably never will.   So my fellow Canadians should I just tuck my head down to the keyboard and stick to writing about what options we do have or do I hold my nose, put those rose colored glasses on and try and go with the party that has the best chance of accomplishing something positive?

Feel free to post your comments below.

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