Russian Rhetoric Attacks Canadian Arctic Sovereignty, Prime Minister Harper and Peter MacKay – Cornwall Ontario – March 29, 2010

Cornwall ON – Rumbles from Russia against Canadian Arctic Soverignity hit the net recently via PRAVDA which while in Russian stands for Truth, on the net via this site is essentially some wild tabloid type journalism.

From some of this journalism though comes official doctrine and political will.   Russia has been making assertions regarding their Arctic Sovereignty that encroach Canada’s traditional boundaries and this issue as Global Warming melts the ice caps looks to potentially boil over.


What does Prime Minister Stephen Harper have in common with the Canadian Minister of Defence? He shares a sinister, hypocritical and belligerent discourse bordering on the lunatic fringe of the international community. Yet Canada’s new-found megalomania is the least of Russia’s worries: How can climate change in the Arctic threaten her national security?

Take for example Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s declaration that Canada is “an Arctic Superpower” (what all thirteen of them?) and the idiotic reference by the Canadian Minister of Defence, Peter McKay, about Russian “overflights” outside Canadian airspace. How can you “overfly” outside?

Sounds like language our Prime Minister understands.  It should be interesting to see how Arctic rhetoric escalates…

What do you think Canada?

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  1. I don’t agree with Russian views on the artic but they have hit Harper/MacKay dead on.

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