Winnipeg’s NHL Future in the Hands of Phoenix Coyote Fans – To Be a NHL city or Not to Be – Cornwall Ontario – March 30, 2010

Cornwall ON – The fate of Winnipeg’s Hockey Fans lie in the play off run of the Phoenix Coyote.  Through hook, crook, and good goal tending the Phoenix Coyotes are off to the play offs for the first time in nearly ten years!

Rumbles and rumors still swirl about the NHL owned team that needs a future.   While Gary Bettman and the NHL probably would love to see the Yotes stay in Phoenix a story recently outlined a plan where the Coyotes would be bought by Toronto Billionaire David Thomson and move back to Winnipeg with the AHL Manitoba Moose moving to Phoenix.

I think it all swirls down to whether the people of Phoenix fill their arena for their play off run.    What do you think Canada?   Personally I think the plan’s total genius.   And just too as Winnipeg is a great hockey town.   Hockey in Canada always makes great sense.

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