Do you Give a Dam? Canadian Actress Anna Paquin admits her bi-sexuality in new Ad for The True Colors Foundation – Cornwall Ontario – April 2, 2010

Cornwall ON – Do you give a damn?   Is the name of a new awareness campaign for gender equality started by the True Colors foundation, which was started by Cyndi Lauper, has been so popular the informational site has crashed!

Canadian actress Anna Paquin has come out as bi-sexual in the promotional video which you can watch below.

For more information you can click on the photo above to to go the True Colors website and locally you can visit Pride/Fierte Cornwall.


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  1. … “admits” her bi-sexuality? What a terrible word choice.

    I just don’t understand the big deal. When people say they’re straight, there’s no “coming out” involved. What’s the difference?

  2. Hi Darla,

    I agree. Why is this news and why is buzzing all over the net? And why is she being used in the ad? So many questions so little time…..

  3. I think anytime a beautiful women decides to share an intimate fact about herself ,such as being bisexual, that we embrace it with open arms. Also I believe this should be headline news across the world. This would give other equally beautiful women the oppurtunity to feel secure enough within themselves to share their naughty secretes with the rest of us ;).

  4. I don’t give a damn. Homosexuality (bisexuality, transexuality, perversion of children) is the wrong choice for everyone. Sure it’s popular and people claim all sorts of nonsense such as, “It’s ok for our girls to touch other girls, they were born that way.”
    Herd mentality is a folly and more individuals shouldn’t be ridiculed to speak out against the injustices of our ever-degrading and perverted lifestyles becoming so prevalent in our society’s global culture.
    You have to choose. Are you righteous? Homosexuality is giving into the lust. You feel no mystery.
    Jesus forgive you, sinners we are all.

  5. You ‘re right, herd mentality is folly. Did your church mates teach you that?

  6. Rodney Vander Veer, it’s great that you agree with me. Generally, churches have many schisms, you’ll find, and most would agree to teach that the obscene and the perverse aren’t healthy.

    It is wholly ungodly to engage in homosexuality.
    The Holy Bible states how woman is created for man, both in the image of God.

    Once a man possessed with legion encountered Jesus, and the demons were cast out! Into a herd of swine, then the piggies were herded over a cliff.

  7. So….were the pigs gay? Or did they turn gay when the demons “entered” them?

  8. “Casting pearls before swine…”
    It’s so a waste of my energy to explain to you how much I don’t “give a damn.”
    Animals cannot commit sin, alas, they too must die.
    Eternal life is for everyone. Repent your sins, and know Jesus, the light and the way.

  9. Does anyone think that this all part of some larger plan? Seems to be small steps towards total acceptability or something. I know that after a few beer I do not want to stumble into the cross-dressers, or GLBT washroom and offend someone. And where would it be? Past the mens, ladies and handicapp washrroms? There goes the extra buiness income this year.

  10. Confused Sodomite seems to be relying too much on the Biblical passages and less on their own thinking. Hopefully there`s a brain in there somewhere since you seem a little overly hive-minded not unlike most of the close-minded Bush following Republicans.

    I am conservative but I do support gay and human rights. Respect people please and thank you.
    I think you may have mixed up your Biblical passages as I don`t believe Jesus ever said anything about gay people being bad/evil/sinners. What happened to the whole love/accept/be supportive everyone even if you don’t agree with their orientation/race/ethnicity?

    Mind if I ask your religion? I think we might have read different Bibles. Do you take it literally or just specific parts?

    Oh and might I also mention the *cough* repressed GLBT people in the Republican party. I mean they were ‘caught’ and basically had their entire careers end. I think maybe it was because of intolerant people that still consider AIDS the ‘gay plague’ and an overwhelming amount of people whom are diehard religious people are uneducated. I’m not saying that you are; I’m just meaning that when people aren’t taught both sides of a story they tend to be an extreme to one side.

    I think people should be given the right to choose whether or not to be religious…I’m not a fan of a) forcing it on people or b) most anti-GLBT people tend to twisting something that most people now understand as condemning pedophilia in the church. I respect that you didn’t really do either. So thank you for that.

    I am up for a friendly debate. Feel free to post again.

  11. Thank you loveoneanother for your comment!!!
    For those who don’t agree with GLBT and claim that their religion says it is wrong.. i don’t care what your religion is or what book you read… it doesn’t say to hate someone especially just because you don’t agree with who they are!
    I think it is a great thing what Anna Paquin is doing.. shes standing up for people who otherwise have to hide, are rejected, ridiculed, harassed. For all those who don’t care cause they don’t approve… you must not understand what it means.. this “COMING OUT” its not just a word.. its being able to stand up and say who you truly are… ITS NOT EASY! The reason its not easy is because of people who don’t agree, who think its wrong, or evil. These are the wrong people.. they are the ones who harass, who hate, and sadly even kill someone just because what… you don’t agree with who a person is and how they choose to live their own life! The only thing that is wrong is how people and society think just because someone is different they are any less of a person!
    For all the straight homophobes out there.. how would you like it if all of a sudden society, church, and people told you who you could love, who you could marry, who you could be.. and took away all those rights?

  12. Look folks, everyone needs to lighten up. I’m a strait man, tatooed and tall and proud of who i am. Don’t the gay and transgender people deserve to be the same. We all got to live hear on this planet together, so why don’t we try working together for a change. I’ve had gay folks hit on me before. I politely informed them that i was not gay and had a drink with them and gained some of the best friends i’ve ever had. I would die to protect them and any of you, if i thought any of us were being treated unfairly. And by the way, confused sodomite, i’ve read the bible cover to cover and i believe jesus preached forgiveness and tolerance, you may want to try showing some. He went and hung out with people who were the worst sinners of his day to try and teach them a better way of doing things, so why are you so quick to just condem these people before you’ve even taken the time to get to know who and what they are. I’d say the world would be better without people like you. We all have our problems and our sins idiot. You may want to stop throwing stones in that glass house your living in. And as for the poor folks being persecuted out there, i want you to know i care about each of you and hope you get everything you’ve been looking for. SIGNED A very concerned friend.

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