Canadian Silver & Bronze Speed Skater Kristina Groves helps Beaus Brew Celebrate Fund Raising Targets! Graham Greer Rocks the House – Vankleek Hill Ontario – April 3, 2010

Vankleek Hill ON – Wow.  On a night like last night I love my job!    We had the opportunity to be invited to the Beau’s Brewery 1st Celebration of their Community & Charity Fundraising.

Besides making this amazing Organic beer with no Corn Syrup or other weird additives, Beau’s is extremely active in the community working with Charities, Artists, and supporting all sorts of events.

I love a feel good story and Beau’s is about the best.  You start with a father and son(Tim and Steve Beauchesne) who over a beer decide to start a brewery and actually make it happen.  You have a little hamlet like Vankleek Hill which is gorgeous and filled with well kept and picturesque buildings, some of which are over 100 years old, and then you have the vision and dream to make it happen.

There are over 25 people now working at Beau’s, and they are very happy workers indeed.  The factory has tours seven days a week so if you’re looking for a lovely day trip and like beer this is probably going to be on your map this summer.

The special guests tonight were Canada and Ottawa’s own Kristina Groves who flew in from Calgary to talk to the mob.   Ms Groves brought her Olympic Silver and Bronze medals, which are quite heavy.    We’ll have some interview footage with her shortly.

Cornwall’s Graham Greer was the musical talent and Mr Greer didn’t disappoint.  Backed up by percussionist Steph McAlear he played some of his best songs and really got the audience going when he pulled out the ol Mouth Harp and rocked out on stage!

The audience had a special treat.  Besides Beau’s favorite Lug Tread which is now available at your local LCBO; they had some of their amazing stout as part of their Wild Oat program.  As a fan of Guiness I was excited to try it, and was totally blown away and not just by the 8% alcohol content.    The flavors of Matt’s Sleepy Time Beligian Imperial Stout assault your pallet in the most pleasant of ways.

It was like a wave on a lake rushing in and then just whooshing away.   This pleasant to swallow beer flowed nicely and tingled the senses with the rich flavors and hints of  Coffee, vanilla, Chocolate and the impact of the oak staves in the process.

With only 1400 litres produced you will have to go to the Brewery in Vankleek Hill and hope you’re lucky enough to nab a bottle or two.

Kevin Lamoureux of KAV Productions was a good sport and interviewed Graham Greer for us.  Excerpts below:


And for all of you you younguns who may read this please don’t drink unless you’re of the legal drinking age in your locale.    And please never drink and drive.   Drink responsibly at all times and make sure your friends do to so the good times can roll and keep on rolling!

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