Mr. “A” Doesn’t think is a radio station – We try and rebut his point. Cornwall Ontario – April 3, 2010

Cornwall ON – A certain Mr. “A” was heard complaining about our RADIO STATION, recently.   We just wished to let Mr. A know that we are 100% licensed by Socan as an online radio station in full compliance with Canadian law.

As for our content not being live 24 hours a day it’s called a “format”.

In Cornwall for example there’s one radio station that has an interesting and lively bit of chat in the morning and then seems to patch into its mother ship for feeds and syndicated programming.

Nothing wrong with that.    Stations choose their formats.  At this stage in the infancy of our RADIO STATION we simply are choosing to focus on issue based programming which you can listen to any time after via podcast and of course for free via iTunes on your iPhone or iPod.

We expect in the future that “convergence” will radically change how people read their newspapers, listen to the radio, watch TV & Movies, and generally communicate with each other.

Mr. A we’d be happy to discuss this further with you at any point if you ever care too as the future of media in Cornwall Ontario is one of our favorite subjects.

I personally feel that all cities need locally owned media with local content provided by local people who hopefully will work for more than some of the slave wages paid by corporate media companies to their overworked and much under appreciated staff.

Cheers and thanks to all of our viewers this Easter weekend.   May your holiday be safe, healthy, happy, and enjoyable.

Jamie Gilcig – The Cornwall Free News &

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  1. I think this is a great forum for the masses. Mr A must be a conservative. Get your muzzle out Jamie, lol.

  2. Yeah Well, Jamie…. who does MR “A” work for or who asked him to berate your station? Likely one of the “major” concerns … Sad though…. if they are so “major” why do they try and negate the value of the independent entrepreneurs?

    Go for it ! You are doing a really good job from what I have been able to hear.

    🙂 Cheers

  3. Thank you Dawn. It’s funny. Before starting the Cornwall Free News and I actually applied at all the media outlets in the Cornwall area but apparently wasn’t worthy of employment. I guess if you work hard there still is a chance of making good things happen in this world. 🙂

  4. I won’t make such a presumption. But if you are going to “quote” Mr. A, my question would be whether you spoke with him. Attribution of quotes requires witness to the act. That you did not do. To suggest Mr. A was complaining, would also be untrue. As the person who made comment, I was asked about the new “radio” station in town. I advised there was not a new “radio” station, but there was an online broadcast offering. I made no comment on the merit, content or other value of this enterprise. While you are clear in not presenting yourself as a journalist, I do know some of my former students who are involved in this project with you, will know better when it comes to hearsay, attribution and factual reporting.

  5. Dear Mr. A,

    As I’m sure you’re aware there probably isn’t a person legally named “Mr. A” and legally speaking the reason terms such as “Mr. A” are used are to not disclose the true identity of the person in question because of legal potentials. In this case “Mr. A” could be “Ms P”, or “confused R7”.

    Of course you can’t legally attribute a quote to someone without confirming and checking. You can’t make statements of fact without following the long and tried rules of journalism which we respect and adhere to when writing journalistic-ally speaking. LINK And of course in the story of question we don’t actually state a quote, but simply that a person was commentating.

    When this was brought to us, and of course many many bits and quotes are brought it us; it made us all have a laugh here because like most media people we have extremely thick skin. For example a few months ago a Cornwall radio station blatantly abused one of our stories without attributing it to us or even stating it came from a local newspaper as it was a scoop, and a darned good one. This broadcaster even used facets of our story which normally wouldn’t be in the topic.

    I called that broadcaster and we both had a good laugh over the phone. It really wasn’t that funny because we always attribute via link or mention when we use excerpts from other media which is the norm of the industry; especially online.

    I’m not sure if you are the person mentioned or not in this instance? We simply addressed this for anyone who has made similar comments or semantical comments which don’t really change the fact that a number of people locally are really starting to enjoy the local flavor of our community radio station.

    We are 100% Socan Licensed. The internet is changing the face of media. When I first worked in radio in 1982 we had engineers, towers, the CRTC, Cancon, really bad Anne Murray records, the remnants of Disco, and horrible pay because it was only really large corporations that seemed to control the public airwaves.

    Well 28 years later if you work hard and spend some capital you can have the opportunity to communicate with the world. I now have the opportunity to inflict Abba, Styx, and 40 plus minute interviews on our listeners and have fun doing it. I get to play one Tom Waits cut per show if I wish and mix formats. I even get to add local artists to our playlist which we’re doing daily as submissions come in.

    Anyone in the community can email in a request and we’ll cover it, and we’re willing to go to bat and defend groups that are impacted by events such as we did last week for a group of business owners who feel threatened by a certain non-profit school here in town.

    I think that’s what is called a tangent though, and of course if you wish to discuss this further you can contact me via or by phoning 613.361.1755

    I do thank you for your post and welcome to The Cornwall Free News.

    Jamie Gilcig
    The Cornwall Free News &

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