Film & Television Production Strong in Ontario – Fishrizzo’s 10 Days X Canada Premiere’s Wednesday April 7 in Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Film production is looking to boom this year in Ontario, and when I say Ontario I basically mean, Toronto, in spite of a near par Canadian dollar.


The industry spent nearly C$1 billion ($970 million) in Ontario last year, up 41 percent from 2008 and the highest level since 2002, according to the Ontario Media Development Corp, an agency of the provincial government.

The credit also benefits Ontario’s post-production, visual effects and animation industries, where output also rose last year, even for productions not shot in the province.

“The package of incentives that Ontario is able to offer today is helping to offset the high Canadian dollar,” said Karen Thorne-Stone, head of the provincial government’s film development group, who noted that Ontario offers a combination of talent, tax credits, diverse locations and infrastructure.

Now if we could just attract some productions to Cornwall I think that would pump up our local economy.     Or maybe the city of Cornwall could become more active in promoting works here in the city?    They have helped some local documentary type films(Fishrizzo), but there are a lot of potential media areas that could bloom in Cornwall with a little love from the city.

Fishrizzo’s latest flick premes at the Galaxy this week.   Tix still are available for the Wednesday night screening of  10 Days X Canada


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