Thank you Cornwall & Canada – celebrates our 2000th Listener! Cornwall Ontario – April 6, 2010

Cornwall ON – Thank you Cornwall and Canada!   We passed the 2000th listen early this morning on – Your community and locally owned radio station.    We love that you’re making us a part of your lives and feel free to email us your musical requests and programming suggestions.

This week our roster is filling up fast.  We have Alyssa Blais of the Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre talking about the Summer Company Program as well as Irish Filmmaker and Artist Ian Thuillier popping in.   We also have Journalist Dan Leger talking with us about The Internet and Trends in Politics and Internet Anonymity.

You’re going to see a few new shows this month.    We have one filled with Old Time Radio Shows and The Vagina Hour should be starting soon as well as our Point/Counter Point Political Debate Show.   We hope you have fun with our offerings and you can email us via .

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  1. Congratulations Jamie, over 2000 listeners now. Wow! That certainly is a milestone. Again, congratulations to you and your staff.

  2. I wonder had you given any thought to transcribing your radio interviews and making them availabe on the website. I am not always able to listen, but would enjoy the opportunity to at least read them after they air.

  3. Hi Bella,

    You can listen to all of our shows at your leisure. Just go to and click on individual shows or follow those links to our blogtalk page. You can also download all of our episodes for free via iTunes to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

  4. You should transcribe them into text files anyways. Reason being that some people are on dialup and are incapable of listening to the shows. If they were transcribed into text, those people can read up and you reach a larger demographic. Just a suggestion anyways.

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