SNL’s Victoria Jackson Back in Limelight as a Republican – Calls President Obama a Communist – Cornwall Ontario – April 8, 2010

Cornwall ON – Looks like Sarah Palin may have a potential VP candidate in former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson.   The actress best remembered for her ditzy comedic portrayals clearly shows why it’s probably best not to wear a big red bow in your hair past a certain age has come out for the Republican Party labeling President Obama “a communist.”


I now feel much better about Canadian Politics.  Heck I feel better about Helena Guergis after watching some of the antics going on in the US.

Sexy Sarah is starting to look like a front runner for the Republican party and I’m thinking a Palin/Jackson ticket could be something very special.   I know it’s very very rare that I comment on US politics, but this one is just way too Twilight Zone.

What do you think Canada and our beloved American viewers?

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  1. Clearly she’s joking…I mean, she is/was a comedian, right?

  2. From what I’ve been reading it looks like it’s not just another SNL skit and that my beloved Tina Fey will not be making an entrance. Ms Jackson seems to be part of those religious republicans in the US.

  3. Sadly, it looks like the White House will be occupied by reasonably sane people for only four years.

  4. If Sarah Palin ever gets presidency or VP, the US will go down. Talk about an idiot in office. She should go on her bridge, to Nowhere!

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