10 Days X Canada PREMIERE Cornwall Ontario – April 8, 2010 by Marina Restinetti

(Jamie Carr and Frank Burelle)

10 Days Across Canada Premiere last night at Galaxy

Photos and Story by Marina Restinetti

Cornwall ONMany local supporters came out last night to view the 10 Days Across Canada Premiere at Galaxy Cinemas in Cornwall. So many in fact, that the show sold out as theatre staff scrambled to find everyone seats.


The documentary film directed by Cornwallites John Earle and Frank Burelle of FishRizzo Productions (Submerged) (Treasures of the Lost Villages) and (86400) takes 4 men, including themselves, on a journey across Canada asking numerous citizens and celebrities the ultimate question: What does it mean to be Canadian?

(Steve Restinetti (Trenchtown Oddities) with Director John Earle)

Jamie Carr takes the spotlight as the main interviewer with his unconventional humourous tactics. Ron Piquette, who joined FishRizzo Productions for the film 86400, laid low behind the scenes, but did a great job contributing his skills as a graphics/digital media designer.

The documentary film is scheduled to premiere in Toronto tonight at Scotia Bank Theatre.


For more information on the film and crew please visit: Fishrizzo Productions.

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