Team Cornwall 2010 Annual General Meeting A Celebration! From Max Keeping to 10 Days X Canada! Cornwall Ontario – April 8, 2010

(Terry Landon Shares His Team Cornwall Card underwater in Aruba!)

Cornwall ON – I think our secret is getting out.   Cornwall Ontario is a happening place that’s blossoming and Team Cornwall’s 2010 General Meeting showed many reasons why including a visit from the CTV Ottawa 6 PM Anchors Carol Anne Meehan and Graham Richardson.

The real moments were the celebration of Cornwall’s recovery from record unemployment shared by CJOH’s long time Anchor Max Keeping who recently retired and was letting his hair (and beads) hang out.   You can tell there’s a real affection from Mr. Keeping to our community and I think we in Cornwall showed it back as Max was bestowed by Mayor Bob Kilger with the Keys to the City!


MPP Jim Brownell & Mayor Bob Kilger


Kudos to Team Cornwall, of which I’m a very proud member, and Kudo’s for all of us in Cornwall for doing out part to make our city totally rock!

Members of Team Cornwall act as ambassadors of the City handing out our card in our travels to help promote our city.

Currently André and Georges Pommier and of Pommier Jewellers leads the way with the most cards handed out!

(Going GREEN and giving out my card via the net and saving some trees!)

Max Keeping at the Team Cornwall Annual General Meeting for 2010



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