Guergis Down in Flames – Resigns in Shame as Ethics Investigation Begins – Rona Ambrose to the Rescue – Cornwall Ontario – April 10, 2010

Cornwall ON – You can stick a fork in Helena Guergis and her political future.

The Leona Helmsley of Canadian Politics had her “resignation” accepted by Prime Minister Stephen Harper after months of embarrassing the government with antics from throwing tantrums at airports to issues pertaining to her family life and husband, Rahim Jaffer, the former Conservative MP who caused his own news furor after getting slapped on the wrists while being arrested with cocaine in his possession.



The Prime Minister announced at a rushed press conference that he has called in the RCMP to investigate new allegations leveled against Ms. Guergis and that she has stepped down. She will remain as an MP but has been suspended from the Conservative caucus.

Mr. Harper said he became aware of new allegations against Ms. Guergis last night. She offered her resignation, but the Prime Minister indicated she would have been forced out anyway. “Of course, under the circumstances, a resignation was necessary.”

He added that Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose will pick up Ms. Guergis’s duties as secretary of state for status of women. Ms. Ambrose is happy to take on the challenge and will work to promote the place of women in politics, among other things, her spokesman said.

Short of sheep being involved it doesn’t get any weirder or woolier than the drama of Helena Guergis and Rahim Jaffer has been.  It should be interesting to see what happens to Canada’s former up and coming Political Power couple.

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  1. hahaha, you can’t fix stupid, so better to get rid of it… now if Jaffer can receive the proper sentence he should have had for his transgressions.. It’s a wonder. He says he was “In” with Harper.. I wonder how so? could it be that ultra light sentence of 500 dollars fine and no criminal record for DUI, Racing, and Cocaine??? Some string pulling we all don’t know about?? No wonder Harper is trying to distance himself.

  2. Bang on the nose, Grimalot. Harper wants to see ow high up the ladder this goes, so he can control it before we even hear about it. He is a master at manipulating and controlling information.

  3. The outcome of Jaffer’s sentencing was a direct result of the Liberal Justice Machine and had nothing to do with Harper’s Conservatives. From what I’ve read elsewhere it has been suggested that Jaffer “rolled-over” on some bigwig suppliers, hence the slap-on-the-wrist. Certainly makes sense to me!

  4. Oh, so Jaffer is a rat is what you’re saying you heard Stan? Funny, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. But I guess Jaffer gets special treatment.. Its odd because I heard the police messed it up somehow. But regardless of which, its still a travesty the light sentence he had. I could understand if they dropped the “Cocaine” charge for “Ratting” on his bigwig suppliers, but still not for the DUI and Racing. So I still highly believe some complex “string pulling” happened! So another deal with the devil type scenario.. awesome…

  5. now now grimalot, would you be so fast to condemn “a deal” plea if it weren’t for a Conservative? I have yet to read any story linking the favorable deal to copping a plea. Very interesting spin on the story although somehow I doubt it’s true….

  6. The justice system is the justice system and has been the product of almost a century and a half of both Liberal and Conservative governments. If Harper wants to change the law he can try to see if there is a concensus in the House of Commons. After all he has been so successful at reforming the Senate.

  7. Remember how Homolka struck the deal with the devil and she was just as complacent, possibly more so than Bernardo? I don’t believe she was a Conservative, and I still didn’t agree with that. I also remember an RCMP officer that struck and killed a cyclist in Kanata way back when, he was drunk, even went back to the bar where he was drinking, and he struck a deal and got away with it because apparently it would have blown his cover. What justice is that?

    Mind you these examples are more serious and different in charges than this matter, but regardless of what party Jaffer is or was part of, that doesn’t make a difference to me. The law should be the same for everyone. If he copped out a plea on the Cocaine, then it should have only been that. But he still should have received a Criminal Record no matter what, and a hell of a lot stiffer penalty, for the DUI and Racing portions of it. That’s usually the deal, you make a plea deal to have a certain charge or a couple dropped, but not all of them, and still not so lightly.

    He and his wife proved one thing to me so far without a doubt, they deserve each other! Oh, and Canadian politics don’t need either of them.

  8. I can see that you guys didn’t read Steven Skurka’s column this morning. You will find it at:

    And Reg, Senate reform is coming now that the Conservatives have one more member that the Liberals in the Senate, Prior to that happening, the Liberal senators were blocking mostly everything the Conservatives sent to the Senate. So the Government of the country couldn’t pass any Bills without Liberal-dominated Senate approval. From what I understand, by fall we should see changes and the Senate will start to be an “elected” one from all provinces, etc.

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