Thomas Mulcair and the NDP start Upping the Ante in Quebec. New Poll Numbers showing Orange Rise in the land of le Fleurs de Lys – Cornwall Ontario – April 12, 2010

Cornwall ON – Momentum is everything in politics.  Picking the right time to communicate the right message.    Polls released are suggesting that the NDP’s numbers are rising in Quebec which could lead to quite a shift in political numbers in the next Federal Election.


Among francophones, the Bloc is at 45 per cent, the Conservatives are at 18, the New Democrats are at 17 and the Liberals are at 16 per cent, a decline of 5 points in the past month.

If Quebecer’s are fed up with Separation; and the internet has done a fine job of slaying that old dragon, then a party like the NDP whose social values truly reflect Quebec culture, with Maverick Lieutenant Thomas Mulcair at the helm, possibly Jack Layton’s replacement down the road, could be starting a snowball that could lead the  Liberals to the number three spot in the next election.

It’s something I’m sure the Harper government is toying with; having the NDP and Liberals beat themselves for the centre-left vote in Canada and then run up the middle with a majority, but polls and people have funny ways of voting.

The next election; some say in the fall, some say sooner, and some say even later will be a timing centric vote.   Where the economy is; how far from the ineffective spending of the Canada Economic Action Plan’s impact other than on advertisers who benefited form the near $100 Million dollars spent by the Harper government?

In the meanwhile Mr. Mulcair and his associates keep building their machine in Quebec which very much may decide the fate of Canada in the next election.

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