Ben Cohen on US Pentagon Budget, Oreo Cookies, and Really Good Ice Cream – Cornwall Ontario – April 14, 2010

Cornwall ON – I love Oreo Cookies.  Always did and always will, although I rarely will eat them now.   I love Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream too.   I was reading The Huffington Post today and lo and behold (dontcha love saying lo and behold) there was a story by Ben Cohen, the Ben in Ben & Jerry’s.   He was waxing about his goal to see US Pentagon budgets lowered so that we can feed hungry kids around the world and send some of them to school.


I began doing this demonstration with Oreo cookies all over the country. For the Pentagon I needed a stack of 73 Oreos ($730 Billion–50% of the discretionary budget). In order to keep the stack from falling over I needed to drill a hole through the center of the Oreos, so that I could stick a rod up the middle of them. The demonstration showed that by shifting six Oreos off the pentagon stack and shifting 60 billion you could eliminate child starvation around the world, rebuild our schools in the U.S., cut our use of oil by 50% and do a bunch of other good stuff.


I know.  It’s American politics, but with the direction that the Harper government is going with our own Military spending and the cuts creeping into our recession how far behind are we from the sentiments of this video?

In the meanwhile you pour the milk and I’ll get the cookies….

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