Letter to the Editor – John Milnes Not Happy with MP Guy Lauzon Mailings – South Stormont Ontario – April 15, 2010

Dear Sir:

Today I received, in my mailbox, yet another Guy Lauzon scam newsletter.  This latest scam is entitled “Getting Things Done For SDSG”. It is an 11 inches by 16 inches printed paper containing four pages of gobble-de-gook and of course the mandatory photograph of our less than competent member of parliament.  The “Getting Things Done For SDSG’ numbers three items in this large journal, compiled, printed and sent out at a cost to the taxpayers, and NOT ONE of the projects was initiated by the member of parliament.  It is a shame there is no control over such blatant mispresentation at our expense, by members of parliament – there was no mention of the bridge situation in Lauzon’s journal of Doom & Gloom.

However, the story of incompetence does continue to include a report, for on April 13th, 2010, there was a news item in the local media quoting Mr. Incompetent [but without his photo, heaven forbid].  The article gave us an assurance from the member of parliament “the federal government has reserved $75 million for the new bridge and that the engineering and design work is under way.”  Holy mackerel, after all this time the “engineering and design work” is only “underway”.  What, for all that is political, has the government been doing all this time?

It is truly time for a change of member of parliament because Bugs Bunny could do far more for our citizens than this pretender is doing.

John E. Milnes South Stormont Ontario

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