Michael Ignatieff and The Liberal Party of Canada now not Supporting Quebec Government’s Suggested $25 user fee for Medicare – Cornwall Ontario – April 15, 2010

Cornwall ON – Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff probably played a lot of Twister in school.   He swiveled his position on new Quebec proposals to essentially implement user fees.   Quebec of all of the provinces have been doing their own swiveling on medical services with private offerings such as MRI’s prevelent.

As a MP explained to me recently it’s entirely “legal” to OPT OUT of the Medicare system and thus charge fees for service.

My personal issue with that principle is similar to that of Medi-Tourists.   If there are any complications, short term or long, the health care system ends up picking up the tab.

From my own experience in Quebec I was on a waiting list for four years and nearly died while my surgeon’s office explained that if I went for “Pre-Op” testing at a private clinic my surgical date would arrive faster as the wait time for pre-surgical testing was very long.   Hint Hint, nudge, nudge.

Medicare and our Healthcare system is something that should not be considered based on the latest poll numbers.


Mr. Ignatieff originally said it was a question of details but that he believed the proposition conformed to the Canada Health Act, which prohibits a patient and health-care provider from exchanging money at the “point of contact.”

Now Mr. Ignatieff is distancing himself from that view and says he was only supporting the Quebec government’s efforts to find solutions to escalating health-care costs. He maintains those solutions must be within the framework of the Canada Health Act.

Right now I personally only see two parties giving unequivocal support to the Medicare system of Canada and its preservation and proper implementation.   I hope that Medicare becomes a true election issue.    We need to debate what we want as a society and how we are going to get our elected officials to do what we elect them for.

What do you think Canada?  You may post your comment below.

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  1. WANTED: A politically savvy leader. Frank McKenna, are you listening?

  2. Make that a politically savvy leader with guts, sound judgment and a commitment to uphold the Canadian values of decency and fairness. Who also tells the truth. Hello, Mr. McKenna, are you there?

  3. PJR are you off Mr. Ignatieff? I’m personally a Frank McKenna fan myself.

  4. admin, Never was ON Ignatieff…poor judgment (letter on this published in the Globe back in 2006), no substance, no warmth. parachuted into Toronto riding by misguided people dazzled by academic credentials, and in short order acclaimed as leader…serious, serious errors of judgment by party insiders…as indeed it shows every day. Outcome: Harper, a very weak man (oh yes he likes to pretend he’s strong by bully tactics and hiding behind the military), continues to have a free ride with highly toxic consequences for our country. I’m glad you are a McKenna fan. Frank, are you listening?

  5. How about Auditors instead of Lawyers being in the majority of MP”s?

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