Minister of Revenue John Wilkinson Visits Cornwall Ontario for HST Information Sessions – Harper Government Blocks 1st Nations Tax Exemptions – April 16, 2010

Cornwall ON – Minister of Revenue and MPP for Perth Wellington John Wilkinson was in Cornwall Ontario Thursday April 15th to discuss the impact of the upcoming implementation of the HST.

The hotly discussed and debated tax has Ontario residents concerned of its impact, and Minister Wilkinson toured businesses in Cornwall with MPP Jim Brownell discussing some of the issues as seen in our video footage.


Mr. Wilkinson shared on the benefits to small business and how it’s the Federal Government, and not the government of Ontario that is insisting on not allowing tax exemptions for First Nations People.

The Minister also toured some media offices for some one on one time, and a controversy seems to have erupted as one area outlet has refused to air their interview footage.    Responses to us for information from the reporter in question and the news director have not been returned as of press time.

We hope to update the story as it evolves.

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  1. Read it, FEDERAL, I guarantee their hands are more dirty in getting this tax on us then the provincial government is..

  2. Federal is offering an inducement, but the provincial did not have to accept it.
    Provincial signed an agreement, but did not have a gun to their head.

  3. Can anyone point me to a study done on tax exemptions / budget for First Nations Peoples?

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