Coronation Street Stars Antony Cotton (Sean Tully) and Katherine Kelly visit Toronto for British Isles Show – Toronto Ontario – April 18, 2010

Toronto ON – Coronation Street’s Antony Cotton (Sean Tully) and Katherine Kelly (Becky Granger McDonald) were in Toronto Ontario this weekend to promote and celebrate The British Isles Show.


There’s a nine-month lag between episodes airing in Britain and the ones we see here on CBC, and Kelly and Cotton are coy about what’s coming for the perpetually lovelorn Sean and the brassy Becky, who missed out on marrying Rovers’s co-owner Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) last year because she was too drunk to stand up at the ceremony.

Why has Kelly cut her long hair into a chic bob?

I sure as heck wish Canada would catch up to the Corrie UK schedule instead of always being so far behind.  It’s been odd watching Blanche’s final scenes( Maggie Hunt ) knowing that she’s passed away recently.

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