We are officially supporting a Boycott of Bell Internet Services Here in Canada – Cornwall Ontario – April 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – Every once and awhile a company sinks to a new low.    Bell Internet seems to make a habit of this.   It’s not the product overall although there are criticisms of it; it’s their customer support and complete lack of responsiblity.

Legally we can’t share all of the details as to why we’re now supporting the boycott of Bell Internet Services; but I can say that our own personal experience with them recently has left me stunned to the point that if I thought suing them would work I would.

Suffice to say that if I publicly shared the facts of what they’ve done to us and apparently quite a few other people, their lawyers would be all over us.  Not because we’re wrong or  saying anything that isn’t true; but simply because they’re a huge corporation with big fat hairy lawyers that squish little people.

So all we can do is warn people to not deal with them.    And if you do make sure that when you cancel your service with them that you scrutinize your bank statements and make sure they don’t keep taking money from your account even when you never paid via that method nor ever gave them authorization to pull funds from your account.

You’d think with the millions they spend on marketing they wouldn’t allegedly do stuff like that, and if they did would correct their alleged error, but sadly, allegedly, this is a practice that they may be condoning and making alleged victims of this  horrific practice jump through hoops to remedy.

Please note this boycott we’re supporting is not of any other service provided or affiliated with other divisions of Bell such as phone service, or satellite offerings, although if we were customers of theirs and they allegedly did this to us we’d boycott them too.

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  1. Good for you guys. I had an incident with Bell after I had cancelled my cell service where they had tried to bill me me two extra months after my cancel date for which I had a cancellation number. After they agreed they were in error they sent it to collections which they never collected on. I advised the collection agency they should be more careful who they do business with.

  2. I was currently looking for a new provider and was surprised with Bell’s rates. It looks like if you subscribe to the cheapest level and go over that, they automatically bump you up to the higher level that month.

  3. We got off Bell a while back after we had issues with them, now they call us almost daily trying to lure us back with deals and savings. I just give them crap until they hang up. It’s actually kind of fun.

  4. I had watched the CBC’s report a few weeks ago. It was titled the worst phone cell bill in Canada. A woman in Little Britain ,(north of Whitby), won…….. or lost. Cost for a 1 minute cell phone call is 1/3 of a cent.

  5. I just find it odd Willie that a company like Bell would spend the millions it does on advertising and then treat customers the way they do. Surely they know that a bad customer experience gets shared far more often than a good one? Bell has had a bad rep for customer issues for years, but it’s when you go through it as we recently have that you truly see how ugly a company can be. We should not have to go to court and spend as much time as we have for what’s an obvious computer glitch. Nobody should.

  6. I’ve started getting a hate-on for Bell over the past many years. Apart from the crap they pulled where I live, it has over the years culminated in me pulling more and more services away from Bell. They are over priced, they are under-serviced, and when they are serviced, that is way overpriced as well. It’s hell to call them up for anything. So yes, I support this boycott as well!

  7. well first things first bell totally sucks i will not give them my business and since the source was bought by bell ive stopped purchasing stuff from the source i will not give them my money if i need to buy any electronics i drive to future shop in Brockville and give them my business. i usually buy something new twice a month and my purchases on electronics are very high so think of how much money the source has lost from me just not going example (i spend usually 800 a month on electronics so since july i haven’t bought anything from the source

    (This “Jamie” is not Jamie Gilcig, editor of The Cornwall Free News)

  8. Jamie (This “Jamie” is not Jamie Gilcig, editor of The Cornwall Free News): you say you spend about $800 a month on electronics, thats quite a piece of change. In fact, for some, it’s more than just rent! Whats your secret?

  9. I am in full agreement. It comes down to good service, plain and simple. I recall having a problem with my internet and after wading through the voice directory at bell I’d finally get a live support person and practically became on a first name basis with them after having to call them again and again. This went on for almost 2 years…finally they got it fixed but after having more service charges added on one of my cable bills I just decided to cancel my internet and my satellite. When Cogeco offered me a digital phone service as well I gladly switched. I have had the service for over four years now and I have had to call tech support twice and each time the problem was dealt with immediately and efficiently. (To be honest one of the times was a user error anyway but they still knew how to fix it.) Now Bell is constantly calling me or sending me fliers and I always tell the people who call that if Bell had put as much persistence into taking care of me while I was a customer than I would still be with them.

  10. well cornwall harry well cornwall harry when u only have to pay 500 bucks a month to live in house that your mother law in renting to you and when both me and my wife have a great job thats how i’m able to afford so much electronics plus i just bought a brand new tv last week with a brand new Hd home theater to go with it

  11. Let us united to a Boycott of Bell services ..all services. This will stop future monopoly and will give the message that the people CAN.
    I do not know how can we start this but I am sure some on the web can start and guide us. If CRTC is not supporting Canadians against this monopoly then we shall show that we can stop it.

  12. I’m all for boycotting services from greedy Bell and Rogers and promoting the alternatives. We need to give more support to companies like TakSavvy which give us better bang-per-buck, and hopefully will also force the duopoly of Bell and Rogers to offer better service/rates – we need a healthy competitive environment in Canada!

    So let’s vote with our wallets – let’s all send a strong message that we are not happy with the status quo and that we demand change now. Let’s not wait for the government, CRTC, or someone else to fix this.

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